The inside story of the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

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1989 model of the whole V&A Waterfront

The Magic of Models

In the 1980s and early 90s digital presentations were so bad that architects had to resort to two people in Cape Town to help share (and sell) their exciting visions and plans – Natie Terblanche for watercolour renderings and Bobby Serritslev for architectural models. These could take weeks and months

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An early proposal for Granger Bay

The future of Granger Bay

Ever since investigations for Cape Town’s new small craft harbour started in 1979, Granger Bay was regarded as the cherry in future development, but one with considerable challenges.  At that time, Granger Bay was regarded as the only available location for a small craft harbour although there were calls for

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First 10 years

ARCHIVES: The first 10 Years

Written and published in 1999 by Carl Momberg, and followed on The first 5 Years which he wrote and published in 1994.  It tells the story of the phenomenal growth and success of the V&A Waterfront since work started in 1989.

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Cruise Liner Terminal

Cape Town toasts a record 2022/23 cruise tourism season

Cape Town and the Western Cape achieved a record-breaking cruise tourism season, dominated by high-spend source markets including the USA, Germany, and the UK. Commencing in October 2022 and wrapping in May 2023, the past season has welcomed 145,000 cruise passengers as well as 42,000 crew members to the Cape’s

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Peter de Tolly was enthusiastic about the potential the V&A provided with links to the city. Not all were realised though.

Review of The Waterfront Story by Peter de Tolly

Cape Town’s former deputy city planner, Peter de Tolly, submitted the following review of The Waterfront Story (based on the role he played in the early years, his interests and his priorities).  The nature of a book and the restrictions on space do not allow everything that happened to be

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Cruise Liner terminal

Cruise liners flock to Cape Town

Cape Town gears up to welcome 7,000 passengers and crew at the Cape Town Cruise Terminal, which is managed by the V&A Waterfront, this weekend. On the 24th of February, the Costa Deliziosa arrived in the Port of Cape Town with 1,554 passengers, as part of their 115-day roundtrip itinerary

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V&A Waterfront_22-03-26_Carl-Momberg

A response to Tony Jackman’s Daily Maverick rant

Daily Maverick published a story by Tony Jackman titled “WHEN CHARACTER DIES: V&A Waterfront: consuming itself, a greedy bite at a time“. “It’s the Monaco of Cape Town, a playground for the super-rich in a city infamously neglectful of its poor. Cut off, more than ever, from the city of which it is

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Cable cars in Paris

Is it time to think about commuter cable cars?

It’s time to think out of the box A new cable car system for commuters in Paris will be introduced in 2025. More and more cities worldwide have already introduced cable car systems for commuters. The V&A Waterfront has set a target of achieving 60% of all visitors arriving by

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