The inside story of the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

The Magic of Models

In the 1980s and early 90s digital presentations were so bad that architects had to resort to two people in Cape Town to help share (and sell) their exciting visions and plans – Natie Terblanche for watercolour renderings and Bobby Serritslev for architectural models. These could take weeks and months to prepare but they were worth their weight in gold.

The first model built for the V&A Waterfront showed the whole site and was completed at the end of 1989 for the opening of the V&A Visitors Centre.

1989 model of the whole V&A Waterfront
Charmaine Petersen Warburton, who helped built the model at Serritslev Models, and ?? at the V&AW Visitors Centre in 1989.

The model for Bertie’s Landing was built in 1990 and here are the proud model builders at Serritslev Models — Charmaine and Richard Pullin.  Richard is now making models in the USA.

Charmaine’s first contact with Royal Cape Yacht Club (RCYC) was when she built the model of Grinaker for Bertie Reid before starting the Bertie’s landing model. After 15 years at Serritslev Models, she spent five years in fashion retail and then embarked on a career in hospitality, opening several successful restaurants.

She managed RCYC’s restaurant and became a member in 2009, when she started sailing to overcome her fear of the ocean.

Bertie's Landing model

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