Please stop the rot!

An open letter to Lynne Brown, provincial MEC for tourism, and Su Birch, acting chair of Cape Town Routes Unlimited:

Dear Lynne & Su

CTRU is going from bad to worse.

Their latest effort is a survey, paid for with taxpayers’ funds, that does nothing to market the province. It’s only aim is to discredit the City as the withdrawing funder. Click here to see the survey.

Please put party politics aside for a moment. Does this sound like an organisation that knows what it is doing; that is focused on the road ahead; or is it a chicken running around without a head?

How can they ask rural tourism organisations if they support the City withdrawing its funding? How stupid! Of course every town in the province would like to benefit from the City’s 50%+ funding of the provincial tourism organisation.

In giving a reason for the survey, CTRU says, “the City of Cape Town has announced their decision to withdraw their funding”. Oh please! That decision was announced a year ago.

This is a disgraceful waste of taxpayers funds. Don’t you agree?

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