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Energy Observer


Energy Observer combines both expeditions and innovations, whilst developing solutions, which prove that another future for energy is possible, an optimistic future that is more respectful of the planet and the people who live there.

The Energy Observer arrives in Cape Town with a message and a promise of a future of decarbonised marine transportation. (Image:@Energy Observer productions/Mélanie de Groot Van Embden)

The Energy Observer project was created in 2013 through the commitment of Victorien Erussard, an offshore racer and merchant navy officer, with a single aim: to build the first autonomous vessel capable of drawing its energy from nature whilst preserving it.

This vessel was designed to push the envelope with regards to zero emission technologies. From hydrogen to sun, wind and tidal power, all manner of solutions have been experimented with, tested and optimised here with a view to making clean energies a practical reality that is accessible to all.

Criss-crossing the oceans for 7 years without creating atmospheric or noise pollution amidst the marine ecosystems, Energy Observer makes stopovers in numerous metropolises and capitals in a bid to meet up with the women and men who are devoting their energy to the creation of sustainable solutions for a more harmonious world. This mission is all the more essential in a world where humanity has realised how absolutely vital it is to protect ecosystems and respect the Living world.


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