The inside story of the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

They created an iconic destination

On May 1, 1989 the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront opened its office at Dock House and started work. Very few people took the development seriously and even fewer ever imagined what the Waterfront would become.

Brian Kantor, Arie Burggraaf & David Jack
Prof Brian Kantor was chairman of the board. Arie Burggraaf, Transnet’s Inspector of Harbours, had been responsible for the report that paved the way for the Waterfront’s development, David Jack had been the City Planner and was appointed V&AW’s managing director.

At the start of preparing The Waterfront Story, we brought Brain Kantor, Arie Burggraaf and David Jack together to discuss the book’s content and get the insider story of how it all happened during their tenure. These are stories that have never been told before. And it wasn’t all plain sailing!


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