The President’s Hot Air… errm… Line

I called the Presidential Hotline on September 27 to complain about appalling traffic policing on Limpopo’s roads (see Chaos & anarchy in Limpopo). The call was answered by a familiar voice, “Hello, this is president Jacob Zuma.  You’ve reached the Presidential Hotline.”

After all the details were laboriously taken down by the operator, I was told I could call back if I don’t get some response within three weeks.

I was impressed!

Three weeks passed so I called again today.  After confirming my ID and phone number, and the reference number, the call centre operator asked what my call concerned.  “Limpopo’s traffic policing,” I said.  “Oh, corruption?” she asked.  So that’s obviously the usual Limpopo complaint, but it wasn’t mine.

After finding my complaint on the computer, all she could say is that it’s “still under investigation.”  And there’s no time-frame for when it will be or needs to be resolved by.

So it’s a bit like a placebo.  “We’ve listened to you so be happy and now go away.”

Sorry president Zuma, I cannot take you or your presidential hotline seriously.  People are dying while you and your staff dilly-dally.

One response to “The President’s Hot Air… errm… Line”

  1. snigger – and u r surpised? why?

    Reminds me of the old one radio5 played of the voting hotline for Zimbabwe no matter what number u pressed u still voted for nutty mugabe

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