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  • The reason for Limpopo’s road carnage?

    A team of only ten traffic officers with four vehicles is responsible for patrolling the whole of Limpopo province’s major routes for moving traffic violations.  And two of those vehicles are frequently withdrawn from use to serve as VIP escourts. That’s what I was told by a senior official in Limpopo’s department of roads, with […]

  • If Zuma’s hotline is a yardstick, the Presidency is a waste of taxpayers’ money

    I had a call from Limpopo’s department of roads & transport today, finally, following up on my complaint to the presidential hotline.  (See The President’s Hot Air… errm… Line and Chaos & anarchy in Limpopo.) After making sure that it was me that lodged the complaint they went on to say that they couldn’t make…

  • The President’s Hot Air… errm… Line

    I called the Presidential Hotline on September 27 to complain about appalling traffic policing on Limpopo’s roads (see Chaos & anarchy in Limpopo). The call was answered by a familiar voice, “Hello, this is president Jacob Zuma.  You’ve reached the Presidential Hotline.” After all the details were laboriously taken down by the operator, I was…