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  • If Zuma’s hotline is a yardstick, the Presidency is a waste of taxpayers’ money

    I had a call from Limpopo’s department of roads & transport today, finally, following up on my complaint to the presidential hotline.  (See The President’s Hot Air… errm… Line and Chaos & anarchy in Limpopo.) After making sure that it was me that lodged the complaint they went on to say that they couldn’t make […]

  • Nothing demonstrates the need for a strong & free media better

    It’s only when one starts exploring South Africa’s northern provinces – Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West – that one realises that a strong and free media is the one thing which can save South Africa. What do these provinces share in common? Local government incompetency and mismanagement on a grand sale; corruption and nepotism beyond…

  • The President’s Hot Air… errm… Line

    I called the Presidential Hotline on September 27 to complain about appalling traffic policing on Limpopo’s roads (see Chaos & anarchy in Limpopo). The call was answered by a familiar voice, “Hello, this is president Jacob Zuma.  You’ve reached the Presidential Hotline.” After all the details were laboriously taken down by the operator, I was…