And then there was silence…

If anything proves that CTRU has little to say, and nothing to qualm the concerns of taxpayers who fund them and tourism bureaux they work with, it is their silence after the stream of attacks in all the media.

On June 5, 2008, they issued a media release saying: “There will be further comment … about this new idea from the City for a “reconstituted Cape Town marketing body”. Likewise, (CTRU) will also respond to the unfounded and damaging allegations made in the media about CTRU.”

There has been silence since.

CapeInfo had an email from the CEO’s PA after they were informed of this blog’s content:

Kindly indicate your specific request to the CEO. What exactly do you require for him to action on and also indicate timeframe?
Please be advised that there are a multiple of important matters he attends to on a daily basis and by this communication I would like to ascertain the urgency of your request.
I am looking forward to your indicative response.

Well… if they can’t judge what they need to respond to, then they are being paid an awful lot of money for doing nothing!

We hear that their latest strategy is to ask Cape Town Tourism to outsource marketing to them. They need the money. Heaven forbid!

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