Why Google doesn’t have to worry about competition from Bing

While Microsoft’s Bing search engine might get 10/10 for responsiveness, they don’t inspire confidence in their competence as a search engine.

Over the past year, CapeInfo has queried problems twice.  Both times we received prompt and courteous replies, but both indicated that all is not well at Bing.

The most recent query related to a sitemap that hadn’t been processed.  (Google processed it in a matter of minutes.)  Here is Bing’s reply on March 8:

Thank you for contacting Bing Technical Support. My name is Albert.

From what you wrote, the sitemap you submitted in Bing Webmaster Tools is stuck in pending status. I certainly know how important this is. Let me explain.

We have received numerous and similar reports about users experiencing the same issue. We have already reported this to our Product Group and this is currently being worked on. Please check again by the end of march if the sitemap status has changed.

Moreover, we assure you that the sitemap is submitted in the server. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have additional questions, please let us know.


Bing Technical Support

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