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  • Why Google doesn’t have to worry about competition from Bing

    While Microsoft’s Bing search engine might get 10/10 for responsiveness, they don’t inspire confidence in their competence as a search engine. Over the past year, CapeInfo has queried problems twice.  Both times we received prompt and courteous replies, but both indicated that all is not well at Bing. The most recent query related to a […]

  • Project 10-to-the-one-hundredth

    Not good, but GREAT news. Two years ago, Google set out to find big ideas that promise to change the world. After 150,000 submissions from around the world, The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cape Town has been named one of five that will be sharing the US$10 million prize for its Next Einstein…

  • Marketing 101: A is for Attitude

    This is the first in a series which aims to help anyone who advertises on the Internet. I’ve listed about 10 topics so far, so a new subject will be added each week for some time to come. If you have comments or requests, please do have your say by clicking on the “Comment” link…