Another reason for Greatness?

Cape Town could also soon be recognised globally as the city with the best mayor in the world. And so could Johannesburg, but Cape Town seems to be ahead. Both Cape Town’s Helen Zille and Joburg’s Amos Masondo have made it into the shortlist of 50 top mayors in the world.

Now if Cape Town’s mayor wins, “Brand Cape Town” benefits most. It reinforces the city’s claim to excellence.

The organisers of the international City Mayors poll explain their goals:

“Cities and their people are essential drivers of all economies. City Mayors works for a harmonious and fruitful relationship between cities and their economies. City Mayors also analyses the new challenges of urban governance, including migration pressures, community integration, disaster management and resilience against terrorism.

“In this century, metropolitan areas, rather than nation states, will shape the world’s social, cultural, technological and economic agendas. This process will lead to increased competition for human, intellectual and material resources but, also, force cities to co-operate with and learn from one another. City Mayors promotes constructive competition and acts as a forum for cooperation and communication between cities.

“Successful cities require strong and resourceful leaders and administrations. City Mayors backs demands to give municipal government increased power and authority as well as additional resources.”

Click here to vote now for either Helen Zille or Amos Masondo.

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