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  • Call to Action… will Gauteng deliver?

    I attended a remarkable tourism conference in Johannesburg on Monday and Tuesday.  It was “The Summit” organised by Gauteng Tourism and the Tourism Business Council, with support from SA Tourism. I live by the adage “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” and this conference measured everything — there was audience participation at every level: […]

  • Oi!… stunning… and clueless

    Melrose Arch must be one of Johannesburg’s most special places, but it’s as tourist-friendly as an apartheid-era security keypoint. It’s a stunning piece of urban design and architecture. It’s a stunning environment with great shops and places to eat or relax. You may have coffee, a meal or go shopping there, but you may not…

  • Another reason for Greatness?

    Cape Town could also soon be recognised globally as the city with the best mayor in the world. And so could Johannesburg, but Cape Town seems to be ahead. Both Cape Town’s Helen Zille and Joburg’s Amos Masondo have made it into the shortlist of 50 top mayors in the world. Now if Cape Town’s…