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  • The biggest party in Africa… and a tribute to a legendary party-maker

    Have Cape Town’s First Thursdays become the biggest monthly party on the African continent?  On the First Thursday of every month, shops in Cape Town’s CBD stay open till 9pm and the city is taken over by partygoers.  Peak-hour traffic starts at 5pm into the city; pavements are jam-packed, traffic regulations are bent and there […]

  • Queen Mary 2 and Cape Town’s cruise liner season

    Queen Mary 2 arrived in Cape Town today and departs tomorrow for a one-day stop in Port Elizabeth, before continuing to Mauritius.

  • The most exciting place & space ever to open in Cape Town

    Without any doubt, the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa will — in September 2017 — become the most exciting space and place to have ever opened in Cape Town. CNN reported that it will make Cape Town the contemporary art capital of the world. httpv://

  • When last did you feel really proud about something?

    Feeling inordinately proud about something isn’t an everyday occurrence.  And when it does happen, it is cause for reflection.  For me, that happened last Thursday when I went into the V&A Waterfront company’s offices to meet CEO David Green.  It was my first visit into the offices in 15 years although I had popped into…

  • The most pet-friendly hotel in Africa?

    When dogs are part of a family — as they should be — they should go along on family trips.  In Europe this is commonplace but not in South Africa unfortunately. So when one of the leading hotels in South Africa decides to cater for pets, it is a big deal.  Hopefully others will follow.…

  • A Hotel with undeniable Integrity!

    The last time I remember being really impressed by the “integrity” of a new hotel was when Chippy, Cynthia and Charles Brand opened the Cape Grace Hotel in the mid-1990s at the V&A Waterfront.  Integrity lies in the DNA.  It’s what drives a project and it’s the way that project lives its life into the…