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A Hotel with undeniable Integrity!

The last time I remember being really impressed by the “integrity” of a new hotel was when Chippy, Cynthia and Charles Brand opened the Cape Grace Hotel in the mid-1990s at the V&A Waterfront.  Integrity lies in the DNA.  It’s what drives a project and it’s the way that project lives its life into the future.

Hotel Verde is Africa's Greenest Hotel, but it also has more integrity than any other hotel we've visited for a long time.
Hotel Verde is Africa’s Greenest Hotel, but it also has more integrity than any other hotel we’ve visited for a long time.

Well!  After a tour of Hotel Verde in Cape Town, “integrity” was the only word that came to mind.  Yes, it is Africa’s Greenest Hotel.  Yes, I’m told that it is demonstrating that green principles and sustainability does pay.  And yes, it is a very powerful marketing gimmick, which the hotel probably needed given its location in the Airport’s industrial area.

But its “greenness” is at the very core of the Hotel and its staff’s DNA.  It walks the talk and no-one can ever not be aware of why this hotel is so very, very special.

It shows how “being green” isn’t just about solar energy and heating, or the other expenses that are associated with sustainability.  It’s a mindset that becomes a lifestyle.

And it shows how diverse mixed uses can work.  The hotel has no downside being in an industrial area and, for many, it will prove to be a location with advantages.

Anybody with any interest in what it takes to be truly Green — the list of everything Hotel Verde does is extensive — should click here to read the comprehensive article.


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