The most pet-friendly hotel in Africa?

Pet-friendly 12 Apostles Hotel
12 Apostles Hotel & Spa gets it right.

When dogs are part of a family — as they should be — they should go along on family trips.  In Europe this is commonplace but not in South Africa unfortunately.

So when one of the leading hotels in South Africa decides to cater for pets, it is a big deal.  Hopefully others will follow.

We have Bea Tollman, president & founder of Red Carnation Hotels, to thank for this.  She travels everywhere with her dogs so 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa decided not only to cater for her twice-yearly visits, but for all guests too.

We — yes, Beezus and I — had lunch with the legendary Horst Frehse, the hotel’s executive director at their Café Grill.  Pets are only allowed in the Leopard Bar, or with the owner when sitting outside these venues.

12 Apostles Pet Menu
12 Apostles Pet Menu. (Click the image to see it larger.)

A towel and water bowl were waiting for Beezus and he got his own menu.

We decided to be healthy and chose the Ostrich Mince with cooked oats, flax seeds, fresh apple and dried cranberries.  In retrospect, I made the wrong choice.  I think he would have preferred Salmon Trout with scrambled eggs — he always shares my daily croissant filled with bacon and scrambled eggs in Franschhoek and barks if I take too long giving him his share!

I thought the meal size was far too large for such a small dog and asked for a doggy bag, and at supper time the meal was close to demolished.  He loved it!  Yes, it is a bit over the top but it is a wonderful memory.  An alternative is to take your pooch along for High Tea.

From the Pet Menu at 12 Apostles Hotel
He doesn’t usually eat in strange places from strange bowls, but this got his approval.

And, for the first time in many, many years of travelling with pets, bedding and bowls were provided.  Two suites with patios are set aside for dogs.

Thank you Mrs Tollman and Mr Frehse for leading the way!


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