Lampiesbaai Village, St Helena Bay / Chris de Hart Architects

Architect Chris de Hart adapted the design guidelines he originally wrote for the development of Jacobsbaai Coastal Village “Kontreidorp” for the design of this Lampiesbaai high-density village. After extensive research into the remaining “Sandveld’ vernacular architecture of the West Coast region of South Africa, he pioneered the re-establishment of this unique style which is appropriate to this particular arid region, and which style was borne out of the availability of scarce materials and the inherent transformational obstacles.

The style with its slender, pitched-roof, rectangular core building and flat roofed abutments in predominantly white walls, small windows and door openings are suitable to this hot dry area.  The simplicity of the architecture has a romantic charm to it, which is further enhanced by the large fireplace abutments to the buildings and resultant internal large open fireplace referred to as an “Es” which is conducive to a family gathering, and living in farm-style kitchen spaces.

Developer: Miami Village
Architects:  Chris de Hart Architects
Structural Engineer:  Jannie du Toit
Contractor:  West Coast Civils

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