It was inevitable that this content should finally start appearing on CapeInfo. I worked with architects, urban designers and the rest of the professional team for 25 years. I started Architecture SA in 1978, which became the journal of the Institute of Architects a year later, and I edited and published it until 1983.

Information about architecture and the built environment is the one thing CapeInfo hasn’t been able to respond to — especially from readers from the USA — until now. We’ve finally found the best way to present it!

What do we want to present here?  Well, let’s start by saying we want to delight and inspire... and recognise the creativity, the professionalism and the teamwork necessary to achieve that.  And great design… and implementation… needs great clients — who are informed and demanding.  Let the modern-day patrons be applauded!

We want to showcase architecture or design that relates to the hospitality and leisure industries. Yes, that’s pretty broad.  Guest houses, hotels, lodges, restaurants & bistros, wine cellars & tasting room… the list goes on and on.  It’s no accident that the advent of Festival Marketplaces rejuvenated retail design, or that cutting-edge domestic architecture inspires guest house & hotel designs.  And how many second, leisure homes are available to rent as self-catering accommodation, to savour a taste of a life less accustomed?


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