The town that lost its soul

MokopaneThis is a story about a mining town where very few people feel good about themselves and the lives they lead.  It’s worst among the whites who feel trapped without upward mobility and with limited opportunity — a characteristic of most mining towns.  It is a very patriarchal, church-going community.  Speak to anyone and they tell you about how cliquey the townspeople are.  This is Mokopane in Limpopo, where a Monday for lawyers means sobbing wives who try to hide the bruises behind sunglasses and makeup.  By Wednesday, all talk of divorce is over and it all starts again.

Among blacks, there is a more genuine sense of community but the challenge is staying alive.  There are few jobs, especially if you are a member of the DA, and not nearly enough for everybody.  New mines, it is claimed, only offer jobs to ANC members.

Last Saturday, a dog was killed — murdered would be a better word — at someone’s house near the centre of the town.  Witnesses who saw what happened clammed up when they were asked to testify so exactly what happened never found its way to an affidavit.  But it’s claimed that the dog was beaten with a chair, driven over by a bakkie (or the attempt was made) and shot several times.  The dog’s owner claims the dog bit him, but whether this was before or during the beating is unclear.

Since a firearm was discharged in a residential area, the police were called but took no action.

The local SPCA took the report very seriously and it’s chairperson is Marcelle Maritz, a DA councillor for Mokopane.  She’s no stranger to difficult situations, having been the town’s Sheriff for 18 years.

They SPCA asked to collect the dog’s body to establish how the dog died.   The owner agreed and undertook to call them back to make arrangements.  When he didn’t call back, they called again only to be told that the dog’s body had been disposed of.  It had been taken to the edge of town, and buried under tyres which had been set alight.  Does this sound like the actions of someone with nothing to hide?

When I spoke to Marcelle, she said that she had just been speaking to the man’s boss.  He was clearly unhappy with the events and had issued the man with a final warning — he had used the work bakkie without permission to dispose of the dog’s body.

He also told Marcelle that the man is under a lot of stress.  His wife is out on bail and his kids have no food.  The boss was worried that the next act of violence could be directed at the wife and children.

In discussion with Marcelle, she conceded that this cannot justify his actions but she had to look after the best interests of the community… and her priority was the children.  She would obtain food for them from the Noodforum.

But what about the gun, I asked.  Had it been fired while under the influence of alcohol?  Marcelle felt it probably was.  So surely the police should open a case, confiscate the firearm and revoke the licence?  Surely, given the fact that South Africa has the highest rate of family murders in the world, one cannot take chances?

What about the other dogs?  If the children have no food, do the dogs have any?  (Let’s ignore the fact that there’s probably money for alcohol.)  Surely the SPCA should remove the other dogs?

Marcel agreed and her next stop was going to be the station commander at SAPS Mokopane.

The next thing I hear is that the man has agreed to do voluntary community service at the SPCA, and that’s the end of the whole episode.

Or is it the end of the episode?  If he walks away after the first day of community service, does the SPCA have any recourse?  Are his wife and children safe?  If they become his next victims, who is to blame?  Is it the witnesses who let a whole community down by refusing to testify?  Is it Marcelle Maritz who tried to find a middle ground?  Or is it the SA Police Service who — yet again — ignored all the obvious signs and did nothing?  A former neighbour says the man has a history of violence and alcohol abuse… a suitable candidate for a firearm license?

The real sadness is that communities allow things like this to happen.  Is this how the people of Potties (the old affectionate name for the town) want to be known — turn-a-blind-eye, sweep-it-under-the-carpet kind of people because it’s not too bad?

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.”  — Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948)

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  1. I am ashamed to say that I live in Mokopane where people is not willing to stand up for a helpless, defenseless animal. why dont we stand together and make an example of this un-human person?? but if it was the dog biting someone in the street, then it would have been put to death and the newspapers will be all over the story. but in this sad case, a helpless animal’s life was ended in a horrible manner, put yourself in that dogs steps/feet, what fear it must have had to run for its life. even if the dog did bite the “human”, i think i would have done it too if someone threatens my life.
    i am just wondering what GOD thinks about this??? HE gave us this world to look after together with all the wonders of nature as well as the animals. but what do we do?? – we cant even call our selves humans, because we are no better than snake sh*t, because we are not willing to stand together against animal abuse. the idiots living in this small little town are quick to judge when a man takes the live of his family, but why not quick to judge when he does it with an animal?? why did he decide to keep dogs if he was not going to look after them? why cant the SPCA investigate the case even further if they care about the rest of the animals that stayed behind?? why cant we make this “murderer”‘s live a living hell. maybe someone will do something when he kills his family?? maybe thats what this town is waiting for. but it seems like no one in Mokopane (except the REAL ANIMAL LOVERS) gives a damn about the animals in this town. why do you keep a dog then??? – he/she is your companion, your stress “reliever” (cause they can be clowns), your 4 legged soulmate, your buddy when you are all alone etc, why kill him?, why starve him? this murder that took place, i hope the devil visit this murdered on a daily basis and in such a way that he takes his own live and i hope and pray that the murdered dog comes back to haunt him every day of his miserable live.
    Thank you so much for the persons who started and reported all of this and who is not afraid to stand up for who they love and care. thank you for giving and caring for someone who cant speak for themselves. thank you for not being afraid to voice the cries of a helpless animal and thank you again for not being backboneless like the rest of Mokopane residents.

  2. i think the opening of your story is pure rubbish, how can you pigeonhole the town and break down the community to this extent, are you basing your facts about the town people on actual fact or hearsay?

    Unfortunately, every story gets twisted to sound better than the first and tends to get a tail added on to it. let us stick to the facts. how can you claim that the individual was under the influence of alcohol? heresay or fact, I trust that you have seen the blood/ alcohol report from the police,

    You tend to then, in a distasteful manner carry on to air this mans ‘ dirty laundry’ on a website for all to see, I am sure that you are so perfect that we will not find one skeleton in your closet?

    by all means, write the story and stick to the facts at hand, and should your facts be correct, then let justice take its course and throw the full arm of the law at this individual. but please do it ethically and keep your opinions about the town and the towns people to yourself.

    I feel that you wrote this article purely based on total emotion(as fact is you love dogs), but as a journalist surely you need to be unbiased and sensitive to the facts and not comment on hearsay.

    Please do not misunderstand me, I was a former neighbour of this person and fact is, he is a good guy, his children would spend weekends at our house and visa versa, fact is, we have never heard him raise his voice and trusted him with our children on many weekends, this was a few years ago and I cannot comment on his behaviour in recent times.

    Reading your replies to date, I am afraid that this irresponsible reporting is going to lead to serious consequences for our town, we have crucified someone again, based on hearsay of a few people and not on the facts.

    Finally, if you feel that justice has not been done, please take it up with the local police station as that is why they are there, to uphold the law, but please do not break down the residence of this beautiful town, as an outsider as well, all I have ever experienced is helpfullness, friendliness and unity within this great town.



  3. Wie is die persoon wat so veralgemeen? Ek is ‘n Potties inwoner en dis die grootste klomp SNERT wat ek nog gelees het!!!! Ek verstaan die persoon se woede oor die arme dier! Maar WAT het die eerste paragrawe waar ons mense so afgekraak en verkleineer word met die dieremishandeling (waaroor die berig nou eintlik gaan) te doen?

    Ek dink die persoon het geheel en al gefaal in sy/haar poging om die mense attent te maak oor die dieremishandeling wat plaas gevind het, as die veralgemening uitgelaat was, sou ons dalk meer simpatiek gestaan het teenoor die berig!

    NS. My man werk by die myn en NEE ons is nie ANC nie!!

  4. I agree with you 100% Lienkie, and quite frankly am offended , as a Mokopane resident, by the implication t hat I have ‘lost my soul’ due to some individual not brought up to respect life in general

    This is really bad reporting and sensation at its best, if a reponse is required to take action on an individual then do so throught the available channels. Making reference to losing ones soul and including the community as a whole is not only inaccurate (logically speaking) but also not fair.

    No Logic Applied to writing the above article

  5. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I was born and grew up in this town. I can remember a time when it was known as the “Garden Town of the North”. People were proud to live here and houses and gardens reflected their pride. If you look at some of the areas in this town now, the delapidated state of houses, gardens, streets etc. it tells a totally different story. You just have to look around at the people’s faces when going to town. The majority of them look unhappy, run down, stressed and angry. Why do people look like that if they live in such a wonderful town? What is there to do in this town besides a braai with friends? Are there nice, interesting places to visit as a family in and around town?

    Let’s look at what really matters here – instead of standing up for an animal that suffered a level of totally uncivilised violence, the people here are more concerned about the name of their town! To me that is all the evidence the writer of this article needed to prove his point!

    One last thought………the man’s agreement to do voluntary community service is a clear admission of guilt.

  6. I don’t agree with ziezie as I personally intervied a couple off parties incl witnesses, the local spca, SAPS, neighbours etc. I investigated this case properly. This whole story has been blown totally out of proportion.
    I also agree with Warren who questioned the writer about breaking down the community. Let’s face it, this has got absolutely nothing to do with the community in whole. If rumours were true, then why generalize? Write the story without critisizing the town and making us folks look like commoners.
    Facts people, facts…

  7. Honestly – I can say… This is why I HATE this town!!!! I live here and I am so ashamed to… The people here are PATHETIC!!!! Like my friend once told me – Little town, Little people with little future’s!!!

    Everything they say in this especially the OPENING of this article is FACTS!!!! Next year I’m out of here and NEVER coming back!!!!! I feel very sorry for the people that think this town “rocks” or the “the best”… People who think that don’t have lives and a dignity!!

    This will never change because the people here don’t realize how pathetic they look and sound.
    The only reason I’m still here is because of my family that I love.. The rest can go hide in a cave..

    Some brilliant advice from me – if you ever consider to move to MOKOPANE.. DON’T!!!!
    You’re going to regret it and you’re life will be miserable…

  8. The person that did this to the dog must be punished the same as he did to his dog!!

    The person that wrote the info in this article must really get his facts correct about this town I live here and the stuff that was said about the town and towns people are incorrect, I hope the person that wrote this read my comment u need to get your facts correct idiot!!

    • For the record: the description of a lawyer’s typical Monday came from one of the town’s top attorneys. It has been corroborated by one of the town’s most prominent businesspeople as well as a municipal councillor, based on her previous experience as Sheriff and her wide knowledge of the town and its people. If I recall her words correctly: “It’s a fact!”

      With regard to the lack of upward mobility and limited opportunities, I haven’t seen any evidence to show otherwise. Is it a town that makes use of all its assets? Certainly not! Maybe you you read the link I posted previously as well as

      What other “incorrect facts” need clarification?

  9. Joh, what a mouthfull from all of you!

    @Ziezie, if you have great friends what more do you need then a braai, after all in a few weeks you can’t complain anymore because a entertainment venue is opening at spar plaza….

    @Michelle, no no no….. the place is only as bad as you make it! so don’t say that I who says potties rock have no live and no dignity! If you make your own live miserable don’t rub it of on other. with your bad attitude even I can’t wait for you to leave town!!!!

    @ author…. no no no! come visit me and my friends for a weekend you will change your mind about this town! jaa some peaple is sitting on a dump trying to do nothing with their lives, but don’t drag the other ones that is enjoying their town down with your views

    • I’ll take you up on your offer – not for a weekend but to change my mind 🙂 You’ll be getting an email.

  10. The thing is … (and this might be a little off the topic) … Potgietersrus was a clean town, good water supply, no electricity problems, decent, caring citizens with high moral values and standards roamed the streets of the inner town and shopping areas. Now, Mokopane, on the other hand, is quite the opposite of the latter. Hence, the physical town as it is today, is not Potgietersrus anymore, but truely Mokopane.
    Same goes for Ellisras, Warmbaths, Nylstroom, Naboomspruit, Pietersburg, Mesina and Louis Trichardt.

    • What I’ve experienced in Limpopo is that it’s an inside-out province. All the attractions are rural and most towns are an abysmal mess. The exceptions I’ve encountered are Haenertsburg (Limpopo’s gem!), Tzaneen and Phalaborwa. I am going to be writing about this in a future post because there are easy solutions. I’ll also address the ticking time-bomb of housing for the poor, because what’s being done now is totally unsustainable and will ultimately bankrupt the municipalities.

  11. I would like to disagree! Sure, every town has problems, but show me one town in the world with no man abusing his wife/children. No place on earth is perfect, and if you find a perfect town, please don’t move there, you will just spoil it! I think to say that you have a little future because you come from a little town is biased! You are in control of your own future, it doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are! In Mokopane there is about 15 lawyers! To say that is tipical for a lawyer is totally unfounded! I know a lot of them and some of them are amazing people! Sure its not a perfect town, but atleast the people who stay there are human and make mistakes! I will always have a special place in my heart for Mokopane

    • Was there any criticism of lawyers anywhere? Nor does the story criticise small towns – as I said, I think Haenertsburg is a gem and I’d far rather live in some small towns than a city. But isn’t the issue here – if you see something you know is wrong, do you sweep it under the carpet because you don’t want to be involved?

      • The critisism on small towns was at another comment, not at you! Sorry for the confusion! I really do try my best to make a difference, as well as my whole family! My father is a missionary in the surrounding areas, such as mawhelareng, sekgagapeng and vaaltyn! And the chairperson of the Noodforum you mentioned! So we try to make a difference! I’m sorry I misunderstood the part of the lawyers! But it is a small town, which means everybody knows almost everybody! It is a problem I won’t disagree, but I think you are blowing it out of proportion! It is one thing that happend, for instance the story of the dog, and now you make it sound like it happens regularly I will let you personally talk to my father about the real state of the town, and he will tell you about how many people really try to make a differance

      • The comment on small towns was not against you, it was at an earlier comment. The comment on lawyers was a mistake on my side, I misunderstood you. Have you actually talked to any local lawyers to get statistics on how many divorce and assault cases they get on a monday? And we really try to make a difference! Me and my family! I arranged a couple of friends and we are doing outreaches in the communities around the town! My father is the chairperson of the Noodforum you mentioned. You can even contact him personally and he will tell you how many people are involved in trying to make a difference and how many people are helped! We are currently in the process of getting a second social worker at the Noodforum! I know a lot of people from Palaborwa as you mentioned earlier, who tells me a different story about the town! Haenerstburg I know nobody from, so I won’t make allegations about it, but I am 99% sure it is pretty much the same case as Mokopane

  12. Ek is glad nie te vrede met die berig nie. Dis n klomp snert en die mense wat so negatiev is dis julle wat ons wonderlike dorp se naam so gat maak as julle nie van die plek hou nie trek dan ons ander hou van ons klein dorpie. en dit beteken nie as daar een drol is dat almal so is nie. julle gaan presies die selle probleme in ander dorpe kry net erger. en dan die ene wat die berig geskryf het jy kan nie gaan by hoor se of wonder nie jyt konkrete bewyse nodig en ek stem saam jy is n idiot as jy ons dorp so sleg se. en as al die mense sulke gemors is waaroor jy skryf meng jy jou met die verkeerde mense.meng jou met die semels en die varke sal jou eet. En meeste van die mense voel goed oor hulle self hier daars by mense van die dorp wat trots is op dit wat hulle al bereik het as jy niks goeds te se het oor ons dorp beter jy net stil bly.

    • Cant you read afrikaans or dont you understand it that you just reply on all te english and no afrikaans.

      • Maybe you haven’t noticed that I don’t reply to all comments, or do you think that your comment is more important and deserves a reply? Maybe I didn’t think your comment was worthy of a reply… and I also have other work, you know.

        CapeInfo is an english-language website with a few hundred thousand readers, many of whom are overseas. It’s customary and polite to respect conventions of the medium one comments in, but yes, I do understand afrikaans.

        I don’t write to satisfy you (or Cornu). I write what I believe in and observe, after careful consideration and based on wide experience travelling in SA and around the world.

        If I followed your approach of trying to silence any report you don’t like, I would not have approved your comments for publication. I’m starting to wonder if the phrases “the truth hurts” or “ignorance is bliss” are applicable here. Maybe a better one is “The truth shall set you free.”

  13. Ek is glad ni tevrede met die berig wat die persoon geplaas het nie kry n lewe en kry jou feite agter mekaar jy dink jy is die kat se snor om sulke snert te se kom by ini lewe

    • Die skrywer praat feite!!! Ek is gewaarsku teen die mense van ‘n klein dorpie! Hierdie dorp het in die 10jaar wat ek hier bly net agteruit gegaan!!! Die mense is anders as 10jaar gelede! Hoekom draai hulle koppe weg met hierdie saak? Ek is ‘n wapeneienaar en het met moeite my lisensies behou! Hoe kan hierdie individu net skiet in ‘n woongebied en niks gebeur nie? Dis sulke mense wat dit vir ons verantwoordelike wapeneienaars moeilik maak om on lisensies hernu te kry! Skaam almal wat hulle koppe weggedraai het en weier om ‘n saak te maak!!

  14. Dis baie sad, ongelukkig is daar regtig mense wat geen gevoel of gewete het oor diere nie. Sulke mense sal nie vir `n oomblik dink dat die dier nie kan praat en sè hy is `honger`, bang, geirreteerd, siek, naar of dat hy dalk nes MENSE ook `n AF dag ervaar nie. Hierdie mense verwag altyd respek van ander mense, liefde, vriendskap, troos of vertroeteling maar hulle kan dit nie self uitdeel nie. Jy wat `n dier nie met die nodige respek en liefde kan hanteer nie sal wel eendag verantwoording moet doen. So gaan maar aan, God slaap nie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i agree with you Rina 100% – and God does not sleep.
      at least someone understands something about animals – just a pity a lot of people worry about the name of the town instead of the actual incident that took place..

  15. I agree one hundred percent with simone and some of the other recidents of potties. But michelle I don’t agree with you. Potties don’t need people like you so I think its better that you leave. And potties and its people is great and I miss potties being born and brought up there. But you can’t jugdge a town by one bad apple. If one person is doing wrong take it up with that person. Jy kannie almal in potties onder die selfde kam skeer nie. It is very sad about the dog and things like that shouldn’t happen but it does and truth is it happens even in the city but you don’t always hear about it because of the size of the city.

  16. Ek bly al reeds 37 jaar in Potgietersrus, dit was, is en sal ALTYD my dorpie wees. Ja in die afgelope paar jaar het dinge verander, ons gemeenskap het altyd saam geswem op sondae by die blou brui, daar was gemeenskap braai’s en water kaskenades by die ou dorp park (The crossing) en daar was lekker motor sport ook gewees in die hoofstraat. Man die lys gaan aan en aan, ons het selfs ‘n “roadhouse” gehad wat mooi meisies op rolskaatse gehad soos in Amerika.
    Tuin dorp JA, dit was die mooiste in die wereld gewees, my tannie Thea Meyer het ‘n paar keer tuin van die dorp gewen, maar nou is water skaars en beperk, en peper duur daarby. Gaan loer wel in die onbesoedelde dele van Potgietersrus en jy sal nog steeds van die tuine sien, egter agter mure weens sekuriteit, hier en daar doen mense selfs nog die middel mannetjies mooi op met pragtige blomme en struike en dit uit hulle eie sak, ek is nog steeds regtig trots hoor.
    Die skrywer praat van kerke, in my kinder tyd was daar net ‘n paar en ons het mekaar daar ontmoet vir lofprysing aan ons hemelse Vader, die hand vol het gegroei tot oor die 33 kerke en dit vir n rapsie meer as 15000 mense, party mense sal se dit is goed maar ek twyvel, dit is maar net dat mense elkeen sy eie siening het en daar is nie fout daarmee nie maar waar die fout wel le is al ons van die ware WOORD af druif om ons self beter te laat voel. Ons wil so bedien en ons wil so….. Wat van hoe God bedien wil word. Net my opinie soos altyd. Gooi maar die klippe my kop is hard!
    Dinge het wel verander, maar nie omdat die dorp se mense sleg is nie, inteendeel het dit maar min met hulle te doen.
    Met tyd kom verandering, ek was 3 jaar oud toe die televisie in ons dorp begin inkom het, en toe die video games (Atari) en toe sommer gou n paar video winkels en mnet, dstv etc. Die dinge kan nie weg gewys word nie, dit het ‘n groot rol gespeel in hoe ons en ons kinders tyd saam spandeer en hoe ‘n gemeenskap saam werk. Ons sit eerder voor die swart boksie as om bal te gooi met ons kinders of honde. Toe het internet ook nog net groter geword, ons doen sommer besigheid so met mense wie se gesig jy nie eers ken nie.
    Dan kom wat met die land gebeur, Ons familie is bekend in die dorp en ons besigheid was groot en trots 33jaar oud, ons het ‘n kontrak met die staat gehad want ons was goed met wat ons doen, dit is later verwyder oor die BEE status nie die diens of prys nie, so moet ons deel met verandering wat ons nie kan beheer nie, nou doen onbekwame mense dit en dit moet selfs tot 3 keer oorgedoen word te koste van die staat, maar dit is ok want darem kry ‘n swart man die geld.
    Niemand kan nerens meer opbouend wees nie, ons water en rioel stelsel val in mekaar, die medies is in sy kanon in en die mees basiese dienste is nie eers meer bestaande nie. Die strate, die hoof en die groot skuins strate is vuil, hulle is self vernoem na moordenaars en kriminele, (Dudu Madisha) ons weet hoekom ook, die mense wat dit gebruik gee nie om nie en dan die wat dit moet skoon hou wil net “strike”, kyk buite die werkgebied en die hoof dorp “CBD” en jy sal die prag wel raaksien.
    En ek durf ook se, kom ons vergeet nie hoe erg JAMMER ons elke dag moet wees dat ons wit is nie, dit is genoeg om brieke op n dorp se groei te plaas, buiten Middelburg en Nelspruit is daar amper geen groei in GEEN dorp nie, nie net ons mooi plekkie nie.
    Ons mense staan nog steeds saam en dit is wel meer van die ou garde van die mooi dorp, ons het 5 buurtwagte aan die gang, 4 op die buite wyke se plotte/plase en 1 in die dorp, min mense besef die sukses wat ons het, ons neem nie die wet in eie hande nie en werk met die SAP. Ons doen die werk en hulle vat die eer, dit is “even” reg solank dit in die wettige oog gedoen is, ons stel extra veiligheid aan almal, wit en swart, ons het selfs beter toegang tot ambulanse en brand bestryding as die meeste mense, en dit omdat ons saamwerk met die brandweer, die verkeersmanne en die nood dienste. Nee wat Potties Rule, ja daar is min te doen maar kyk oral om jou rond nie net hier nie. Mense verkies om by hulle huise te braai en televisie te kyk, hulle ondersteun nie die mense en plekke wat wel wil kuier nie, nog ‘n rede is maar dat drank altyd koning kraai en dan is daar net marakas, ek weet ek was in die “club” en dans bedryf. Lang verlore is kuier sonder die oordoen van drank, dwelms en mekaar se eggenote steel en bry, weereens nie net Potties nie.
    My laaste gedagte Is raak betrokke oral en doen jou deel voor jy wil oordeel, laat die houding ding begin regkom by jouself en die ander sal volg, ek groet almal en waai myself lam, en glo my meeste waai terug “even” die wat my nie ken nie. Hou die dorp dop, God het ‘n baie sagte plek vir die dorpie en hy gaan nog ‘n voorbeeld wees vir baie ander dorpe.
    Kom ons gee die dorp terug vir God en begin saamwerk, julle weet waar en hoe om in te skakel, vra maar vir Marcelle, sy sal help soos altyd. Wat die hond en die mishandeling betref weet ek persoonlik dat die DBV meer wil doen en probeer doen maar word gestyd deur die SAP se swak diens en die land se grond wet wat net werk vir die krimineel.
    Kom ons wag nie vir verbetering nie kom ons bring dit voort. Die mense bly langs mekaar in die dorp en ken nie eers sy buurman se naam nie, ons op die plotte ken mekaar se naam, van, adres, en selfs die kinder, werkers en die diere se name.
    Die reply is net my siening en my gedagte gang dat die dorp nes ander swaar trek, maar blameer die tyd waarin ons lewe, die goewerment, die munisipaliteit, moet nie net ‘n dorp, ‘n dorp sonder ‘n siel noem omdat een man dalk verkeerd gehandel het en omdat ‘n paar mense te bang is hulle word vervolg as hulle uitpraat.

    Potgietersrus, jy IS die beste en ek is lief vir jou my dorp
    N trotse inwoner

  17. Ek kan nie glo wat ek hier lees nie. Nog nooit in my lewe het ek soveel sensasie gesien soos hier nie, en dit begin alles by ‘n vervelige persoon wat by ‘n DA lid – wat dit uitverband uit ruk- ‘n storie soek. Skaamteloos! Dit is nie hoe ‘n mens probleme oplos nie. Ek persoonlik dink die DA het dit baie swak hanteer en die saak behoort deur die hoogste DA gesag ondersoek te word. Ek voel die betrokke persoon se naam en menswaardigheid word aangetas en gee vir hom sterk regsgronde om op te tree teen die skrywer van die artikel en die betrokke DA lid. Dit blyk dat hul menseverhoudinge net so swak is as wat hulle die beskuldigde wil afmaak. En wat ons dorpie betref is daar meer mense as net myners en prokureurs, ons is almal lede van die gemeenskap hier en behoort na mekaar uit te reik.
    Die DA lid weet seker nie hoe om na die gemeensakp om te sien nie, en hou haar dus besig met beuselagtighede, fokus liewer op dit waarvoor jy verkies was, bv ons swak paaie en dienste. Ek keur glad nie dieremishandeling goed nie, maar die hantering van die saak is in swak smaak.

    • Geagte Nico en Louisa,
      Vergeet van die diere mishandeling. Hoe die “vrek” laat n mens dit toe om iemand n vuurwapen in n residensiele gebied af te vuur. Wat van daai “man” se kinders ?? Wat van die buurman se kinders, se Vrou, se troeteldiere. Dit kan mos net eenvoudig nie toegelaat word nie. Dis onverantwoordelik, gevaarlik, krimineel. As die mense op die dorp saam staan, kan hulle mos die man aangee by die poilsie. Want hy is nie net n gevaar vir homself nie, maar ook vir almal rondom hom !!!!!!
      Ek dink die mense in die gemeenskap moet iets doen, dink jy nie ???


      • Ek stem saam maroepa, beide jy en louisa maak ‘n goeie punt. Die groot vraag hier aan is, wat was haar hele doel met hierdie berig? Nie almal kan onder die selle kamp geskeer word nie. Miskien het hierdie persoon net nie eintlik geweet hoe om die saak te hanteer nie. Dis uiters swak om te dink dat selfs hierdie persoon wat die berig geskryf het, in werklikheid self niks omtrent die saak gedoen het nie. So miskien moet hy die balk uit sy eie oog uit haal.

  18. Here’s the facts,
    1. A dog was brutally tortured, and then shot. The owner of this animal used a handgun in a residential (built-up) area.

    2. According to the FireArms control Act 60 of 2000, one is prohibited to discharge a weapon of any sort, that includes an airgun in any residential area, without good reason.

    3. If a person is found guilty of discharging a “gun” in a built up area, that person wil be declared unfit to posses a firearm.

    4. Why did any of the witnesses not report the discharging of a firearm to the SAPS ??

    5. How can a person shooting a dog on his own premises be considerd to be fit to own a gun?

    6. Why do all the people of this “so called” wonderfull town turn a blind eye to such disgusting events that took place.

    I myself, my Mother and Father, my Grandmother, and Grandmother, my Great grandmother and my brother have lived there. I can honestly say that anyone with true morals would not let such an act go unpunished. The author of the above mentioned article is right !!!!

    Why does no one do any thing about it ???

    Is this what has become of the people living there, this so called “wonderfull” town ???

    Is it easier to turn a ” blind eye ” ??? I’m sure it is, because it happens all the time. I myself, like the author has travelled widely, I have seen all the continents, both poles, north and south, I have set foot in every African country on the map, I have seen savages, man eaters, rapists, warlords, baby killers. I now have also seen it in my own ” back yard”

    I am currently in Afghanistan, but wil be home in the near future. I will definitely visit our little “town”. I will also not let this story become a “cold case”.

    I will be asking this “savage” that calls himself a man, a couple of questions.

    This my dear friends, are all FACTS

    Maroepa ( C. J Strauss )

  19. Èk weet dit is eties korrek om met iemand te kommunikeer in die taal wat daar met jou gepraat word maar Afrikaans is my taal en daarom skryf ek Afrikaans. Daar is net n paar dinge wat ek wil noem na aanleiding van bg

    1. Ek dink dit is baie oneties en onsmaaklik om mense en hul dinge so in die publiek te bespreek.

    2. Ek is seker een van die grootse vegters vir diere regte daarom se ek as dit so is dat die man dit gedoen het laat hy die doodstraf kry. Diere word misverstaan hulle is 100 persent afhanklik van ons Toe God die aarde geskape het het Hy nie gesê mishandel en verniel die diere nie

    3. Ek persoonlik dink die ou hoort in die tronk

    4 Die vooraanstaande prokureur wat die inligting verskaf het moet van die rol geskraap word want dit was baie oneties van hom om so n onderhoud te voer

    5. Ek bly al 19 jaar in potties en hier is my eerlike ondervinding.
    Ja dit is so dat mans is wat hul vrouens en kinders verniel, klieks wat gevorm is selfs in ons kerke, daar is mense wat nie hul monde van ander kan hou nie en lekker sit en skinder. Daar is diegene wat niks goeds van ander te se het nie die word mishandel , asook kindertjies Daar is mense wat nie werk het nie (ensovoorts). Nou is my vraag net dit IN WATTER DORP KOM DIT NIE VOOR NIE ELKE DORP HET SULKE GEVALLE hoekom word poitties so uitmekaar getrek Ek moet egter ook se dat ek al beleef het hoe die mense kan saamm staan en dat hul harte oop is vir ander se lief en leed. Potties se mense kan saamstaan maar ook mekaar uitmekaar trek dit gaan egter oral so so wat maak potties so spesiaal dat ons vuil wasgoed aan die wêreld uitgebasuin moet word. Plaas bietjie n atikel oor die goeie as u nie inligting het nie kontak my gerus daar is goeie dinge wat hier gebeur en nie almal kyk ander pad as iemand swaarkry of as n dier mishandel word nie
    Uit die politiek hou ek my want dis n klug “aastens wil ek net se Bou eerder op as om af te kraak almal het foute en net so het elke dorp hoe groot of klein ook sy geraamtes.


    • Ohhh… Elmien! Thank you for making your points… I think you’ve verbalised what many others in the town feel. BUT, don’t those points highlight what is wrong in the town?

      If you have rapists and child-molesters, or animal abusers, do you keep quiet about it or do you shout from the rooftops, “This is wrong!” Does one politely disagree with the actions and just sweep them under the carpet? I don’t think that has any place in civilised communities. It is “polite” hypocrisy taken to a criminal level. That’s when whole communities become part of criminal acts.

      There are none so blind as those who will not see!

      • Dankie vir jou reply ek wil net egter onder u aandag bring dat ek een van die mense is wat glad nie stil bly of my gesig wegdraai nie as ek iets sien wat teen die wet is of teen morele Standaarde is tree ek daadwerklik op ek stem heeltemal saam dat mens sulke mense aan die gereg meot uitlewer glo my ek was al baie in die meoilikheid omdat ek nie stilbly nie ek haat onregverdigheid en dieremishandeling en ook die skending van mense regte sulke mense hoort of in die tronk of moet die doodstraf kry as ek in die polotiek was sou ek geveg het om die doodstraf terug te kry. Ek se net dat nie almal van ons wat in potties bly so is nie en dat daar wel van ons is wat op ons regte staan en veg
        vir morele waardes


        • Good to hear. But then how can you say it’s unethical and distasteful to discuss issues in public?

          • U moet verstaan dit gaan vir my oor die manier waarop dit aan die wêreld uitgebasuin word Dit is wat vir my nie reg is nie en dit voel net asof u almal wat in die dorp woon onder een kam skeer Daar gebeur in elke liewe dorp sulke goed Ongelukkig is dit so dat mense geneig is om ander pad te kyk as sulke goed gebeur want die geliefkooste gesegde is mos dit het niks met my te doen maar is gou om daaroor te skinder. Mense wil nie meer betrokke raak by ander nie. Die liefde vir die medemens is daarmee heen elkeen voel hul het genoeg probleme van hul eie dit stit my gruwelik teen die bors om te sien en hoor hoe mense mekaar hanteer Ek voel net dis n plaaslike aangeleentheid en moet so hanteer word deur die regte mense in die regte posisies. Dis n onsmaaklike situasie wat net verder handuit ruk Sover dit my tot kennis strek tree ons SPCA daadwerklik op teen sulke gevalle Ek self het hulle al laat uitgaan na waar mense diere mishandel ek het ook al die welsyn laat uitgaan waar dit nodig sou wees en so weet ek is daar is ook ander inwoners wat dit doen U moet verstaan dat geen dorp daarvan gaan hou as hul geraamtes oopgevlek gaan word nie veral op so n manier die dinge meot aangespreek word en die gereg moet sy gang gaan as dit enigsins nog moontlik is in vdag se tyd ek bly by my standpunt dat die dinge in elke dorp gebeur selfs daar waar u woon hoekom hoor ons niks daarvan nie


          • This seems to be the ‘polite hypocrisy’ again… and avoids answering my question. Something is either unethical or it’s ethical. Do you have other guidelines?

            I would raise something like this wherever I come across it and I’ve never encountered this before… anywhere. The closest was when a policeman threatened to shoot my pet in Napier. He had a call from the Regional Comissioner 10 minutes later telling him that if any policeman shoots my pet, he’ll spend the night in Pollsmoor Prison… and they’ll ask questions afterwards.

            My experience of Potties is that it’s not a particularly pet-friendly place. I see very few people walking their dogs, which spend their lives confined to a property and never get to socialise with other dogs. Since I’ve been here, dogs belonging to three neighbours have been poisoned, something I’ve been warned happens frequently. I’ve never encountered this before, anywhere.

            Is Potties the same as most other towns? No! It doesn’t have proper municipal bylaws for pets, according to the SPCA.

  20. Dit is glad nie regverdig dat ‘n hele dorp oor dieselfde kam geskeer word nie.

    In elke dorp of stad gebeur dinge en die hele dorp word nie daarvoor geblameer nie.

    Die skrywer behoort hom te skaam dat hy die hele dorp se naam so beswadder oor een insident, waar of nie, dit is nie regverdig nie.

    Dink asseblief voor jy weer so iets kwyt raak en ‘n hele dorp se naam beswadder. Moet die hele media nou swart gemeer word deur een insident (jou skrywe)? Ek dink nie so nie.

    Dink voor jy publiseer.

  21. Yay Elmien!!! I agree with you 100%! Who gives this man (as an outsider), the right to belittlle the whole communnity due to ONE individual’s actions? Bring justice to what happened but for crying out loud, keep your irresponible “reporting” /opinion to yourself. It’s obvious the author loves exposing “facts” that has got nothing to do with the incident. So, let’s expose him! The author’s name is Carl Momberg, better known as “The Wolf Man” who travels with a live wolf in the back of his bakkie. Seen him? Yup, that’s the author of this so called “article”.

    • why take it out on the author, why not do something about the facts that he wrote about? why not take it out on the SAPS that failed to do there work?

  22. Dear CapeInfo,
    I am not going to write you an essay to establish that I was born and bred here in Mokopane, but have been here all my life. However, for the past seven years, I was part of one of a local newspaper and saw all the good, bad & ugly things happen. Yes it is unfortunate that this incident took place and the dog was killed by this man firing a weapon in a residential area, but if there was no complaint submitted to the SAPS, how must they act. It is great that the DA showed a willingness to let all the relevant organisations know about the incident and keep an eye that something must be done and if the man is guilty let him pay his dues, should it be criminal prosecution and confiscation of his weapon by the SAPS. I have read all the comments and just a few words to the community of Mokopane.

    Stop blaming everybody else for the problems in town and lift a hand to help build the community. Screaming your outrage in a forum such as this and not taking action is the same as condoning what took place and looking the other way! The SPCA in town is struggling to make ends meet, but NOBODY attend their fundraisers or golfdays. It is a good thing that this article was published, so that the Mokopane community can get off their backsides and start participating in building The Town that lost its Soul and prove through deeds that we have a lot of soul and spirit.

    Just a thought

    • just to let you know: complaints were lodged with the SAPS while the incident were taking place because the neighbour’s feared for there lives and for the persons family’s life’s. and even though the police did not take any action while visiting the “crime scene”, the actions of the police were reported again on Monday morning to the police commissioner – and still nothing happened – and this was done by the author himself. as well as help were offered to the Mokopane town council to uplift and better the tourism attractions here, but help were refused. so maybe you can stop trashing the author and stand together as a town and let this person know that animal abuse will not be tolerated as well as the misuse of a firearm.
      just a thought ……..

  23. An die wat die dorp slegmaak: gee pad en doen dit sommer vinnig. Die grootste galbrakers op al die terugvoer wat ek nou gelees het en toevallig ken…. julle staan self agter die deur. Hierdie dorp sorg finansieel goed vir julle. Ek weet want ek sien dit. Dan gooi julle klippe? Julle is die eintlike jakketrakke en julle is verdomp ondankbaar.

    GEE PAD!!!! Die dorp gaan ‘n wonderlike plek sonder julle wees.

  24. This has got out of hand. Let’s just hope justice willl take it’s course people. What has been reported is horrible if true. This story/incident have too many tails/twists as I intervied various parties involved. The long and the short of this is that we all may have our own opinions. The only one who truly knows what happens is the person who was directly involved. We as residents of Mokopane are horrifidied of what had happened but who are we to judge? Think what you want but if you were not present pls dnt go on hearsay. This person knows the truth and maay it be on his concious.

  25. Ja ons almal weet nou die storie gaan oor diere mishandeling asook verkeerde gebruik van ‘n vuurwapen! Dan ook die swak response!! Maar dis mos dan waaroor dit als moet gaan, want nie net in Potties gebeur die dinge nie,maar reg oor die land! Reg oor die wereld! Wat bereik jy om ‘n dorpie die skuld te gee vir iets wat wereldwyd bekend is! Ja wat gebeur het is verkeerd, maar vat die mense aan wat niks doen teen oor die saak nie! Ek ‘n inwoner van Potties weet nie eers van die insident nie, maar moet ly onder die klop nonsens wat geskryf is oor Potties inwoners! Jy is ‘n swak joernalis, bly by jou topic! Jy het helemal van die spoor afgeklim toe jy die inwoners begin sleg praat het! Ek belowe jou hier is nie ‘n siekte in die dorp wat almal eenders maak nie! Almal is nie soos die volgende ou nie! Moenie Potties straf oor 1 idioot wat laer is as slang bollie! Potties het niks met die storie uit te waai nie, net dat dit hoer gebeur het! Maar as dit nou in Setlers gbeur het sou jy dan ook so ophef daarvan gemaak het? Daars erger dinge wat gebeur oor die hele wereld en jy hak vas om die mense sleg te praat! Weereens as jy begin het by diere mishandeling en verkeerde gebruik van ‘n vuurwapen, HOU DAAR BY! Seker jou juf op skool sou jou ‘n F gee vir jou berig!

  26. Ek is in Potties gebore en woon nog steedes hier (73 jaar). Wat ‘n vriendelike dorp met vriendelike mense net waar jy beweeg – by die besighede, die winkels, supermarkte, kerke, ens. ens. Ons gee vir mekaar om, ongeag of ons wit, swart, geel, bruin of pers is. Die Bybel se groot boodskap is : “Julle moet mekaar liefhe”. Duidelik het die een wat die berig geskryf het nog nooit hierdie boodskap gekry nie. Moet asseblief nie veralgemeen nie. In elke familie (ook dorp) is daar ‘n swartskaap. Wees lief vir jou naaste en moet nie oordeel nie.

  27. Dankie Elmien
    Ja, ek en my man staan verstom. As ek reg is, gaan die probleem nie opgelos word deur publikasie of ‘n geskreeu oor die persoon so onverantwoordelik opgetree het nie maar dit aanmeld sodat die gereg HULLE plig kan doen en die man arresteer. Teen die tyd dat die hierdie ou en sy DA lid – wat dit kon aangemeld het die oomblik toe hulle hiervan hoor – nou ons dorp en sy mense klaar ingesleep het hierby, kon die polisie al begin werk maak het met die man en sy vuurwapen, dit is tog logies. My man was self ‘n geregsdienaar, en daarom dat hy weet waarvan hy praat. Ek het self kinders en sal hulle met my lewe beskerm so ook my naaste se kinders. As ons regtig wil help, doen dit ten minste net op die regte manier.
    Dit was regtig nie nodig om die hele dorp hierby in te sleep nie.

  28. Wel, sit jou naam en gesig op. Dis maklik om agter ‘n skuilnaam weg te kruip. Waarvoor is jy bang?

    Maak die twee siek jongmense van Welkom wat Van Eck geslag het die hele Welkom ‘n slegte plek?
    Wat van die parlement wat in Kaapstad sit en hierdie week die “protection of info bill” goedgekeur het? Maak dit al die Kapenaars slegte mense?

    Wat van Diwani? Maak hy die hele Brittanje sleg? Wat van die ouerige egpaar wat op 7 Mei 2010 in Bloemfontein met ‘n knopkierrie aangerand het? Hulle was 81 en 80. Maak dit die hele Bloemfontein dan sleg?

    Maak Hardus en Nicolette Lotter, wat hul ouers vermoor het, die hele Pinetown sleg?

    Ek kan aangaan nog vele meer voorbeelde noem van siek mense wat siek dinge gedoen het in goeie plekke.

    Ek dink jy is ‘n baie hartseer en siek mens.

    Jy gaan siek mense orals kry. Om ‘n hele dorp met dieselfde kwas te verf wys net jou baie beperkte verwysingsraamwerk. Ken jy enige iemand wat in Mokopane bly? Was jy ooit daar?

    Dink daaraan dat die DBV se mense wat die saak opneem ook in Mokopane woon. Ek neem aan jy skeer hulle dan met dieselfde kam?

    Jy is deel van die mense wat ons nie nodig het in hierdie land nie. Julle suurgatgeit is net te veel vir die res van ons om te verdra.

    PS. Ek kom van Mokopane af.

    • Laat my asseblief toe om ‘n fout te korrigeer:
      Wat van die ouerige egpaar wat op 7 Mei 2010 in Bloemfontein met ‘n knopkierrie aangerand IS?

    • Geagte Rinus,
      Kom ons kyk weereens na die feite.

      As die skrywer van hierdie artikel dit nie geskryf het nie, sou iemand daarvan geweet het ? Ek is bly iemand het sy mond oopgemaak en iets begin se ??
      Almal wat iets te se het oor die skrywer se artikel, sit alweer die pot heeltemal mis. In plaas daarvan om hom aan te vat, vat eerder die Hond Moordenaar aan.
      Die armsalige sleg bliksem sit seker nou lekker terug en dink hy het weggekom daarmee.
      Gaan ons iets daaromtrent doen ?? Ek het n belofte gemaak, en ek SAL na die 8ste Desember in my bakkie klim en Mokopane toe ry, en die ” meneer ” konfronteer ” !!!!!
      Ek sal na die Mokopane polisie stasie ry, en ek sal nie daar uitloop totdat ek verseker weet dat die polisie weet die “man” het n vuurwapen onwettig afgevuur nie !!!!
      Soos ek reeds gese het dit belowe ek jou !!!!
      Wat gaan jy vir ons doen ??? Het jy n kamera ?? Miskien kan jy n foto neem van die Honde moordernaar, en dit vir ons op hierdie blad plaas ??
      Sterkte< ek hoop jy kom reg !!!
      P.S ( Ej is ook van Potgietersrus af, so ook my Ma en Pa, so ook my Ouma en Oupa, en natuurlik ok my Groot Ouma en Groot Oupa)

      • Maroepa,
        In kort: ek is nie spesifiek ‘n dierelefhebber nie. Doen met die mand wat jy wil.
        Dit beteken egter nie ek sal rondgaan en diere mishandel nie.

        Moet my net nie sleg maak as gevolg van iemand anders se slegte gedrag nie. Dit het niks met my (of enige van die ander mense in Potties) te doen nie.

        Met ander woorde: ek gaan iks vir jou doen nie. Wat ek van jou verwag is om objektief te wees en nie te vealgemeen vir die sensasie daarvan nie.

        Hoop dit maak vir jou sin.


  29. Good day CapeInfo,
    I took the time to look at your site and found that Limpopo and the Western Province are your best covered areas of study, with an outstanding amount of reporting on Mokopane specifically. Can it perhaps be that you have some kind of history with this little town, maybe a grudge or hatred as you too faced some of the challenges you refer to so condemnatory? Your report seems like the result of an injured ego and a selfish and disparaging attitude.
    Seeing that you do writing for a travel institution, I suppose you too completed your NQF4 or received RPL and should at the least know that it is against the principles of the Code of Conduct for Tour Guides to be opinionated and biased about any aspect of their work.
    I Studied and worked as a Town and Regional Planner for many years in this province, after I was cleaned out by the recession I moved from Polokwane to Mokopane and completed my NQF 4 in Tour Guiding, with the support of this community, I am after two years, getting back on my feet.
    I am also a committee member of the local SPCA and their principles are vastly against the enclosure of any animal into a confined space. I can only imagine the suffering Akela has to endure by travelling thousands of kilometers in the African heat on South African roads, especially those of Limpopo that you referred to yourself in your report titled “Chaos & anarchy in Limpopo”. What make things even worse is that she is a wolf that should be running free with her pack, in the wild, and not have been abused by a selfish individual that takes advantage of her, applying her as a marketing tool for his own benefit.
    If you want to attract tourism to this country, why not focus on the positive aspects, and if you want to make a difference, why not start implementing positive actions to an injured community, rather than ripping it off?
    You are not welcome in our town, and that is due to your own actions and not that of, as you would like to think, people from the town that “lost its pride and character”.
    Please don’t write anything about our area and community again, it is only harmful to a community that is already facing more than enough challenges.
    New in Mokopane

    • Dear Marici,
      The author can write what he wants, it,s called freedom of speech, maybe not for much longer but it is his right !!!
      The “dog abuser ” however had no right to torture and kill a dog !!! He also had no right to discharge a firearm in a build up area !!!
      I think you are also missing the point. The author has made his point. There was a defenseless dog killed. Now the next question is what are all of us going to do about it.
      If some tabloid somewhere claims that I have no backbone, or should I dare say, that a community has no backbone, what would you do ??
      I for a fact would absolutely do everything in my power to prove them wrong. And that is exactly what I am going to do.
      I would rather see the ” dog MURDERER” move out of town than the author, don’t you think.
      I am as always open to suggestions.
      I am eagerly awaiting your reply ( solutions)

    • I’m pleased that you looked around the site and noticed that some effort has been put into writing about Limpopo, but I am surprised that you, as a former town planner, didn’t comment on other posts – like the one on the sustainability of Mokopane, or the unrealised opportunities identified for the Museum precinct or Makapansgat. I don’t hold any grudges and the only disappointment I have are the unrealised opportunities. I’ve tried very hard to understand Limpopo which, to me, seems to be a cross between the Wild West and Darkest Africa. But I have been to places and met people who are delightful and inspiring… in Limpopo.

      I was also delighted when you called CapeInfo a “travel institution”. I own it and, yes, it has been around for quite a long time. But you are either mis- or uninformed if you think that a travel journalist needs to be a registered tour guide, or is subject to the Code of Conduct for Tour Guides. I do have 35 years of experience that includes consulting to local government and building professionals, publishing the Institute of SA Architects’ journal, as well as working with the tourism industry. CapeInfo’s newsletter is highly regarded and has over 22,000 subscribers.

      Your opinions really fall off the tracks where you say “I can only imagine the suffering Akela has to endure… “. She, like many wolves before her in history, has her pack and would not change it for anything in the world.

      In asking me to only focus on the good – to promote tourism, you’re doing exactly what government is doing with its secrecy legislation. CapeInfo’s international credibility is based on the fact that it’s not all puff-pieces, about how everything is good. As things stand when it comes to discretionary tourism to Mokopane, the town is a big miss! And there is no reason that it should be. But it’s people that make a town great. I still have a few stories to publish on the town.

  30. @Maroepa
    I am a member of the team that actually did something about the abused dog and I am delighted to learn that you are open for suggestions. The local SPCA has 3 vacancies on their committee, our next meeting will take place on 29 November 2011, contact their office and they will be able to supply you with the rest of the details after it is confirmed.
    I am looking forward to meet you, we need people who take action and don’t just complain and eagerly awaits solutions from others.
    Nothing new, all is said.
    Good luck with your future projects.

  31. Mokopane is probably the saddest place I’ve ever been. And I have stayed here for 6 years now. Never in my life have I encountered so many 2 faced and narrow minded people. In every small town there will be a lot of gossip and a lack of privacy. Multiply that by 10, list another lot of cons, and u get this town. I have friends here, and I hold onto them. But most, if not all of your worth here, is how much money you make. If you weren’t born here they treat you like some kind of alien!

  32. @Maroepa
    Jy is seker die bodyguarg of image-polisher wat CapeInfo betaal om die hitte van hom af te weer. Miskien is daar ander byvoordele vir jou op die spel. Jy is vinnig om soos ‘n plaat wat vashaak vir almal te vertel hulle mis die punt en jy gaan die hondemoordenaar vermoor, maar jy vergeet die titel van die verslag lui “The town that lost its soul”, niks van honde of moordenaars nie.

    Klim asseblief 29Nov. in jou bakkie as jy iets omtrent die saak wil doen en kom woon die DBV se vergadering by, daar kan jy sommer ook die besonderhede van die moordenaar kry. Kom wys jou staal, ek wag vir jou.

    You poor thing, you will not be happy anywhere. You are also welcome to attend the meeting, at least you will find some conversation.

    • Geagte Marici,
      Ek is doodnormaal, ek is nie n body guard of image polisher nie. Ek het nog nooit die skrywer ontmoet nie. Ek het per toeval die artikel op FB gesien.
      Ek het nie een keer gese ek gaan die ” honde moordernaar ” vermoor nie. Ek het ook nie eenkeer gese ek dink die mense van Mokopane het hulle “souls” verloor nie. Ek het nie eenkeer personnlike aantuigings teenoor jou gemaak nie. Ek het nie eenkeer gese die skrywer is reg of verkeerd nie !!!!

      Ek het wel die volgende gese :

      Die man wat die hond gemartel het moet die nagevolge van sy aksies dra. Ek het gese die afvuur van n vuurwapen in n residensiele gebbied is n krimenele oortreding. Ek het gese ek gaan iets aan die saak doen !!!
      En ek het gese ek soek oplossings !!!
      Ek het Jou op n profesionele manier geantwoord en het nie een persoon, behalwe natuurlik die ” hondman” gekritiseer nie.
      Ek verwag dieselfde terug.

      Lekker dag
      Christo Strauss