SAPS to the rescue!

After the chaos on the N1/R101 (see previous post), I wasn’t prepared to take a chance by returning on the same route.  (And just as well — I heard of others who took four hours for the 50km journey.)

I couldn’t find a phone number for a Limpopo Traffic Management Centre and Radio Jacaranda wasn’t reporting anything, but I did spot a police Polokwane Emergency Response vehicle.

“Did they know the status of the road or an alternative route?”  And they started examining the alternatives.  My road map didn’t help but Inspector Hlahla knew a way that would take me way past the accident.

They could have just fobbed me off with a seemingly insignificant request, but their helpfullness made my day.  It’s little things like this that restores one faith in the police service.

Inspector Hlahla and his colleagues from Polokwane's Emergency Response Unit. Thank you officers!

The route they sent me on over a “hill,” which towered over many of the mountains in the area, reminded me just how beautiful the rural Limpopo Bushveld is.  Away from the towns and the main traffic routes, Limpopo is a very special place.

I want to record my gratitude to Inspector Hlahla and his colleagues for their assistance and giving the day a highlight.

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