What’s in a name? Limpopo’s regional maps

Around 2002, Northern Province changed its name to Limpopo Province, and with that went a whole slough of name changes.  Regions were changed and towns renamed.

Now trying to understand all this on the internet becomes even more confusing.  The Limpopo Tourism website has no map of the regions so a Google search shows the following (repeated on countless websites), from conference facilities.co.za, for example.

It takes a little more searching to come across the official map of regions, municipal areas (italicised) and correctly-named towns (click here).

Limpopo's regions, municipal areas and towns - the official map - click on it to enlarge

Is it surprising that, six years on, these names still continue to confuse?  If Limpopo’s tourism and other authorities had any branding common sense, the first thing they would have done is prepare a set of maps and encouraged web sites and others to use them!

So now Mopani starts to make sense, and one sees that it includes the largest chunk of the Kruger National Park.

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