Wolves like apples too!

Wolves like apples too!

Akela running through the orchard with Granny Smith between her teeth!

She also likes Top Red and Pink Ladies, but doesn’t care that much for Golden Delicious.  Those are just a few of the apple varieties around here.

She picks them up and carries them rather gingerly between her teeth, having discovered that they get impaled on her rather long canines.  When she’s ready to eat the one she chose very carefully, she lies down and nibbles away at it with her front teeth.

The Staffie, on the other hand, just crunches away as soon as he finds one he likes, and he’ll frequently eat two apples a day.

Akela has peculiar tastes.  She loves olives straight off the tree and anyone who has tasted a fresh olive will know how bitter and ghastly they taste.  She recognises olive trees out of season and heads straight off to them to look for olives.


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