Akela has a visitor

Akela’s eyes shine like a car’s headlights in dim lightMichael Tatalias, SATSA’s CEO, came especially to meet Akela last night.  He sent a few of the photos he took.

One just has to imagine walking in a forest, hearing nothing but seeing glowing orbs of light shining from the undergrowth that follow your progress.

Wolves are shy and will avoid people, unless they are friends.  They are also extremely inquisitive.  Their eyes are completely different to dogs and, from close, you can see the complex lens structure which is more similar to a cat.

One can imagine the fear this must have instilled in anyone unfamiliar with the wild. But American Indians believed that wolves are a sign of a healthy forest.  And a National Geographic video made the point that while Americans have killed 200,000 wolves, not a single American has ever been killed by a wolf!

Michael’s email with the pics concluded, “This was a special experience. Thank you.”

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  1. Akela is special. I had never seen a wolf before, but KNEW that the silver-grey shape moving towards me was not a dog, but one of those elusive and fleeting creatures, almost mythical in modern times, a wolf. Pleased to meet you, Akela.

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