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  • When will tourism in SA open again?

    “It will not be business as usual in the tourism sector in the post-COVID-19 era,” he said, appealing to the TBCSA to tailor-make tour packages for SADC, Africa, and Brics countries.  “This will be one of the strategies boosting regional tourism and supporting the recovery and sustainability of the tourism sector in the foreseeable future.” — […]

  • Tourism’s next big challenge

    We survived the Ebola panic; we survived the Visa fiasco (and hopefully South Africa will still catch up with Ethopia in making visas easily obtainable).  Now government is taking steps which threaten to damage tourism from the inside, showing a complete lack of understanding for how the industry works.

  • Why the world needs to redefine tourism now!

    httpv://youtu.be/6H265K8bAJQ Are you one in a billion? If you travelled internationally in 2015 then you are. In fact you are 1 in 1.2 billion. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation that’s how many international trips were made last year. And by 2030 it will be nearly 2 billion. 2030. 2 billion people. Spending…

  • Call to Action… will Gauteng deliver?

    I attended a remarkable tourism conference in Johannesburg on Monday and Tuesday.  It was “The Summit” organised by Gauteng Tourism and the Tourism Business Council, with support from SA Tourism. I live by the adage “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” and this conference measured everything — there was audience participation at every level:…

  • Profile of 2010 World Cup Fans

    Forecasting is either tempting fate and an act of utter foolishness, but then some crystal ball gazing (with the benefit of wisdom and experience) may shed some light on our forthcoming visitors. Well, the first prediction is a relatively easy one. Two-thirds of all fans, or spectators at matches, will be South Africans. That’s who…