End of the WhaleTales blog on CapeInfo

We were very sad to stop publishing the WhaleTales blog.  It was an agonising decision and considered very carefuly.

We have been very harshly criticised both for publishing the blog and for withdrawing it.  We need to state our side.

We believe Chris von Ulmenstein’s blog has a place and provides a compendium of useful information for the tourism industry.

Chris is know for tackling issues, which is fine, but the blog became a very personal vendetta against Fedhasa members.

Now, Fedhasa is much like a private club who’s sole purpose is to serve its members, and it’s Fedhasa’s right to decide who it allows as members.  Fedhasa is not the representative body for the tourism industry; SATSA and others fulfil roles too.

The vendetta became just too blatant and too much when Chris opened a second blog – “fedhasaisafarce” – on a Google platform.  This was not responsible journalism; it was a personal vendetta at its very worst that aimed to smear names by using high rankings in search engines.

We complained to Chris.  After thinking about it carefully, we informed her that we were suspending the blog and provided detailed reasons – integrity is a cornerstone of CapeInfo.  She removed the “fedhasaisafarce” blog and asked us to reconsider.  We agreed to do so subject to certain conditions.   She was not prepared to meet these and decided to open her own blog.

We wish the new WhaleTales blog well and really do hope that it is a success.

2 responses to “End of the WhaleTales blog on CapeInfo”

  1. Hi Carl
    hope you are well.
    Very sorry to see that The Whale Tales blog was taken off, we need someone with balls to speak out, as a nation we are too easily steam rolled by the politicians & corporates.
    We do not have the same level of investigative & confrontational ‘journalism’ in SA as they do in Europe or The US so I was very sorry that someone had ‘got to you’ concerning Chris. Yes she ruffled many feathers but generally she was talking sense!
    Dermot Molloy

  2. Good to hear from you, Dermot.
    Three things: No-one ‘got to me’ but my conscience did. No-one was more disappointed to close the blog because I do believe it has an important role. But when a very personal and malicious vendetta becomes evident, CapeInfo’s reputation for balance and integrity is at stake.

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