Xenophobia is un-South African

The following email was received this morning from the chairman of the Western Province Motor Club, to explain the cancellation of events at Killarney race track in Cape Town this weekend.

CapeInfo applauds WPMC and the timely actions of the police. Xenophobia is un-South African and needs to be dealt with fast and firmly. South Africa’s leaders have been found lacking.

It must be common knowledge by now that Dunoon amongst others has exploded in Xenophobic attacks, in this case mostly on Somali immigrants.
The following is a report on the impact on Killarney.
On Wednesday I received a call for Cap Fourie of the Milnerton police station requesting the use of the facilities in the event of an up rising. I agreed subject to a meeting to discuss what was required.
The meeting did not take place but the attacks started at about 18.00 on Thursday evening.
The whole management team was in place at Killarney by 19.00. From that time Killarney was transformed into an operational centre with people from the police,disaster management medics etc and seemingly every cop van in Cape Town.
The plan was to evacuate all the Somalis and bring them to Killarney where they would wait and be transported to safe locations.
The plan largely worked but we had to accommodate some of the people in the open front garages over night. These people will be cleared this morning.
We were overwhelmed by the generosity of some of members who arranged support from charitable organizations to feed the people. There was substantial assistance from club members such as Mervin Gibbons, Ian Long ,Roshan Khan,Niva and Hannes from the marshals to mention but a few.
The staff braaied enough sausage to fill 40 loaves of bread!
There was no trouble or violence at Killarney at all.
Our facilities were just what the doctor ordered with under cover shelter, lights toilets and some garages to accommodate the women and children.
We cannot be sure but there may be more trouble tonight and through the weekend so we are canceling all activities until Monday.
The staff will be on duty through the weekend on a shift basis to protect the facilities.
Whilst we cannot guarantee that there were no break-ins last night I would be surprised.
I am very proud of the job done last night by the team.
I will keep you informed .

Brian Smith
Chairman- Western Province Motor Club

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