Now this is puzzling…

At a time when events in Johannesburg have shown that racism and bigotry are alive and well… huh!… ever-present in Johannesburg, living under the name xenophobia, a previously little-used but useful page in CapeInfo has – for over a week – been one of the most popular pages other than those in our Directory.

South African flagThat page is about our Flag & National Anthem. It has the history of the flag and the words of the anthem, with a translation and a video to help you learn the words.

Have citizens despatched our leaders to the dirtbin of history in search of national symbols and pride? Have schools discovered a useful learning aid? We don’t know.

But, Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika is a hell of a lot better than Jacob Zuma’s favourite song, uMshini Wam, which has been a trademark of the xenophobic attacks.

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