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This is Criminal Incompetence, Pravin Gordhan: do something!

Port Alfred: A word class community centre, fully-equipped, stands empty because a manager hasn't been appointed.
A word-class community centre in Port Alfred, fully-equipped, stands empty and unused because a manager hasn’t been appointed.
Baviaanskloof Interpretive Centre is usually closed.
Baviaanskloof Interpretive Centre at Patensie side. It’s usually closed because there are no staff.   Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism say they are working on a major strategy to seek additional funding, but they can’t fix what they were already given.


Cradock Four memorial
The Cradock Four memorial at Cradock — foreign donor funding gone to waste. Today this memorial is an embarrassing & derelict mess. (2010 file photo)
Sarah Baartman grave & memorial at Hankey
The plaque on the Sarah Baartman commemorative stone at Hankey has either fallen off or been stolen, and was it really planned to to be planted at that angle? The fenced-off grave of her remains is unlocked and anyone can walk inside. Hankey. Eastern Cape.  Good custodianship and care?
Will the multi-million rand Sarah Baartman memorial at Hankey follow in the footsteps of previous Eastern
Will the multi-million rand Sarah Baartman memorial under construction at Hankey follow in the footsteps of previous Eastern Cape memorials?

There are hundreds of millions of Rands of foreign donor funding in these projects.  It should be an embarrassment to every South African.

Dear Pravin Gordhan, please prohibit all Eastern Cape local government institutions from receiving any further foreign donor funding before they give the whole of South Africa a bad name.  They are showing that, in search of ego, self-gratification or simple stupidity, they are criminally incompetent.

Derek Hanekom, you’re the minister of closed attractions.  Are you serious about growing tourism?

Pravin Gordhan is the national minister of local government and Derek Hanekom is the national minister of tourism.

1 thought on “This is Criminal Incompetence, Pravin Gordhan: do something!”

  1. Who was Pravin Gordhan? Maybe a tourist shrine on Grey street in Durban to the cabal….will conjure historical interest.

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