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The fastest 10 jobs ever created!

Tour bus at Oudebosch Farm Stall
Tour buses mean business!
Dewald & Penny Niemann at Oudebosch Farmstall
Dewald & Penny Niemann

By getting tour buses just to stop for lunch at his farm stall off the N2 near Storms River village, Dewald Niemann of Oudebosch Farmstall added 10 new jobs to his staff complement.  The bus or buses come in, visitors have to be fed, and the buses need to leave again quickly to keep to their schedule.

No new infrastructure or business plans were needed.  This is how jobs are created — not by fancy strategies and endless meetings that bureaucrats are so fond of.

Jobs in tourism service industries are more upwardly mobile when compared to most of government’s job creation efforts.  And they are created at a fraction of what government spends on achieving little.  And achievements like these are now at risk because of government’s idiotic new visa and immigration regulations.

Lunch at Oudebosch Farmstall
Guests are fed and then on their way again. But not before the 10 staff members regroup as a choir outside for a few songs. It’s a much-appreciated gesture and was the staff’s own initiative.


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