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Storms River: A tiny village that’s at the top of the league

I’ve driven past Storms River village in the Tsitsikamma Forest on the N2 scores of times, thinking it would be too far off the N2 for just a look-see. Well, surprise number one was that it’s only about 600 metres off the N2, and surprise number two was what a charming little village it is.  Clean, well-maintained and none of the pot-holes one experiences elsewhere in the Eastern Cape. I felt as though I was still in the Western Cape!  Ignoring the new provincial boundaries, this is still part of the Garden Route.  It is at the heart of the Tsitsikamma forest.

Storms River Info
The first building one comes across is the colourful Info office, bistro & art gallery.
Storms River Info office
And unlike most Info offices, this one is open seven days a week, from 8am till late… with a fire lit in a wheelbarrow as a beacon when the sun sets.  Now if tiny Storms River can get it right, why can’t all Info offices?
Main road in Storms River village
The main road in Storms River village — Darnell Street

There are only about 80 houses in the village (or that’s the number of electrical connections) with a fair number of accommodation establishments — yes, tourism is the biggest business here.  But prepared to be surprised by what you do find in this tiny village.

Marilyn's 60s Diner
Marilyn’s 60s Diner with its pink Cadillac and Chevys, neon rimmed signage, 50 and 60’s decor, and Elvis & Marilyn memorabilia.
Tsitsikamma Village Inn
Stepping through an imposing entrance takes one into a forgotten era at Tsitsikamma Village Inn. The pub, built in 1888 as a hunting lodge by the Duthies, is the village’s oldest building.

My main reason for visiting Storms River though was to meet Ashley Wentworth.  It was the brochures that you find everywhere for his Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours that had really piqued my interest in the village and which really put Storms River on the map.  (More about him and his company in the next post.)

Canopy Tours
Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours take you through the trees about 30 metres above the ground on an educational adventure experience you won’t forget quickly.
Segway Tours
And there’s the option of a more leisurely tour in the forest on a Segway.


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