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Vermaaklikheid – the perfect getway?

I first heard about Vermaaklikheid when a neighbour went there every year on holiday and swore it was the perfect holiday destination.  And then, more recently, I discovered that three architect friends had bought homes there — Hirsch Fish, Graham Parker and Paul Andrew — and that piqued my interest.  It must be special to attract architects!

So what will you find at Vermaaklikheid?  Nothing.  Except the Duivenshok River.  And with little or no cellphone reception, it is the perfect place to unwind, paddle the river, eat, drink, read and enjoy the company of friends.  There is a sort-of shop for the barest essentials.

Paul Andrew, now an artist, built or restored three houses in Vermaaklikheid which are available to rent for holiday accommodation.  So expect something with great intrinsic style.  My first surprise was waterproof doors — the river does flood so think of submarine door seals!  At from R200 per person per night, you can afford to stay longer and unwind properly.

The one cottage is a few hundred metres from the river, the other two on the river (the one being on the other side so only accessible by boat or serious 4×4).

For more, visit River Magic Cottages.



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