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Andries, the honey distiller

Andries and his distilled honey

Andries and his distilled honey

Vermaaklikheid doesn’t have much in the way of shops, or anything other than the river, but the shop I went to for milk was happy to open up when I arrived.  And we started chatting — with the shopkeeper and her husband, Andries.  Had I ever tasted distilled honey, he asked?   He’s been working on an innovative way to distill honey for years and, he believes, he has a unique product.  It’s not quite legal to sell yet, but Provincial legislation is being prepared.

It’s not quite mampoer and the alcohol content ranges from 16 to 43% alcohol.  The 16% smells and tastes like a very smooth sherry — it is very more-ish.  The variation of the drinks between the honey gathered from summer fynbos (almond aromas and taste) and winter fynbos is remarkable.

So maybe you’ll see a Vermaaklikheid home-grown product soon.

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