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Sir Richard Branson’s new South African hotel & vineyard

Big investments are not new in Franschhoek, and it’s rumoured that a new foreign owner is spending billions on a property at the other end of Dassenberg Road.  That wasn’t a typo, yes… billions.  Now that’s crazy!

But the old Mont Rochelle has been bought by Virgin’s Limited Edition Group, and that can only be good for Franschhoek, and the Western Cape.  It’s been branded as “Sir Richard Branson’s South African hotel & vineyard”  rather than (or in addition to) Virgin Limited Edition, and that just shows the savviness of the Virgin Group — they are a very professional and cohesive team.

Mont Rochelle panorama
Panoramic view showing one of the three hotel buildings.  (There is still the cellar with its bistro menu.)
View of valley from the hotel
View of the valley from the hotel

The old property has had a make-over and, for a hotel belonging to a corporate group, it is better than most.  It is a place where you will be very comfortable, in a great setting, and will enjoy a stay that will be memorable.  And they are offering specials just after their opening.

The main hotel complex, and Miko Restaurant is some distance away from the wine cellar and its bistro-style restaurant.  That is well worth a visit.

Enjoy the photos.  Click on any one to open the enlarged slide show.


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