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  • Goodbye Akela & Kenya

    The oddest couple – and true soulmates – who were my ‘kids’ for over 14 years, are no more. Akela the Grey Wolf – wilful, insightful, submissive and far more intelligent than any dog. Kenya the Staffie – ‘n liefbare dier in the words of a 4-year old, Mr Personality and loved by all. He […]

  • Growing old is not for sissies!

    Akela the wolf turned 14 years old yesterday — that’s a venerable 98 in human years!  And she shared her celebratory dinner (pig’s trotters) with Kenya the staffie (14½) and Beezus the pomchi (1½).  For Beezus, it was his first “dedicated” bone, as opposed to dinner left-overs, and his small piece absorbed him totally for…

  • Best buddies

    If it’s Akela who’s best remembered during our travels, it’s Kenya the Staffie who makes the most friends.  He is getting old, white-faced and stiff, and turns 12 in February 2010.  Here Kenya’s even being necked by Bees the cat.

  • Superlatives in a superlative setting

    I went to sleep to a chorus of frogs worthy of an orchestra.  The lake at Bramasole Guest House in Magoebaskloof lay across the lawn from my bedroom, while the other side looked into an ancient indigenous forest.  The trees are like none I have ever seen with names like Forest Cabbage Tree (Cussonia sphaerocephala)…

  • Table Mountain to Simon’s Town

    Before leaving Cape Town, it was only right to take leave of some of the most memorable places. Just one of the things that set Cape Town apart from any other city in the world is Table Mountain National Park – part of a world heritage site – in the heart of the city.  We…