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  • Wolf Totem, and the intelligence of wolves

    I’ve just started reading Wolf Totem, a million copy Chinese best-seller by Jiang Rong, and was reminded again of just how intelligent wolves are. The book is set in the 1960s, the heyday for the people of the Inner Mongolian grasslands, and celebrates a time when an age-old balance based on culture and tradition maintained […]

  • Cape Town — a child’s wonderland

    After living outside the Western Cape for nearly four years, the biggest highlight was returning there — and especially to Cape Town — after just over a year away.  What made it such a highlight was that it was all planned around giving a little girl the best holiday of her young life.  Jennezee was…

  • Making friends

    The 2010 visit to Cape Town also revealed two really special accommodation establishments. First there was Dongola House in Constantia.  It’s a place that just gets everything right, but there was one even more memorable reason.  While Akela always made friends easily with women and children, she avoided other men and pulled away when they…

  • Akela the model!

    Akela in an ad for Volvo Switzerland photographed in Deer Park, Cape Town in December.  Akela becomes a pack of wolves, thanks to Photoshop!