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  • Mariette du Toit-Helmbold to leave Cape Town Tourism

    CEO Mariette du Toit-Helmbold has announced that she will be leaving Cape Town Tourism at the end of July 2013 but will continue to support the organisation until after its AGM in October. She will, however, continue working on tourism and marketing strategy initiatives, nationally and internationally, as an independent tourism and marketing strategist. She […]

  • Cape Town Tourism: delivery time!

    With a drop in market share of 16% over the last five years, one can understand that Cape Town’s tourism industry is licking its wounds and looking for salvation.  A drop in market share has less to do with the recession than other destinations doing things smarter or reaping fortuitous benefits. Where does accountability lie? …

  • The Scourge of Politics

    Much has been made of politics in tourism lately, with CTRU attributing all their woes to political forces. Now that’s a cop-out because their performance has been less than stellar and they seem to put their foot in it more often than they get things right. The City’s decision was correct and the resignation of…