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  • Tips for surviving the Western Cape’s water crisis

    On June 1, the City of Cape Town (CoCT) follows in Eskom’s infamous electricity loadshedding footsteps and plans to introduce watershedding.  Poor planning and management means that Capetonians will be inconvenienced and suffer hardships, but what does it mean for the Province’s tourism industry — its economic lifeblood? Visiting Cape Town — and many of […]

  • If dams go dry – what it means for tourism in Cape Town

    The latest forecast for Cape Town’s rainfall in June, July and August is that it will be 40% below annual averages.  And there are predictions that this drought could last at least two years.  Cape Town could become the first world city to simply run out of water due to bad management and too much…

  • A Trojan horse?

    It is in the interests of the tourism industry and all visitors that Cape Town Tourism is raised above party politics and the circus that politics introduces. Local government has shown, since the introduction of party politics, that it is an unreliable business partner. It’s also shown that it doesn’t have a clue when it…