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  • Fedhasa — when credibility fails

    It is a sad day when one has to question transparency and integrity at Fedhasa — South Africa’s oldest representative hospitality organisation. The whole issue of Rooms4U has been covered in previous blog posts (click here to read them all) but what was missing was any response from Fedhasa — which is at the centre […]

  • 2010 and a Can of Worms

    Good and bad has come out of the whole rooms4u saga and the conundrum of the “official South African accommodation and bookings portal.” The good was renewing an old aquaintance with Sindiswa Nhlumayo,  the deputy directory-general of tourism.  She brought a bit of clarity to the whole issue. The ‘bads’ were several.  Firstly, the Department…

  • 2010, Kortbroek & tourism mafia

    Are the Minister of Tourism and his Department (DOT) a bunch of blundering idiots or are they getting into bed with a tourism mafia?  Their latest announcement seems to be ill-conceived and acknowledges that accommodation arrangements for the 2010 World Cup are not as rosy as he claims. Here are the facts: It started on…