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  • The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions

    I was asked to join the board of directors of the Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve (CWBR)  in July 2014. An honour indeed; or so I thought.  This area encompasses one of the most beautiful regions anywhere in the world.  It embraces more opportunities than challenges.  It has — by virtue of its inhabitants, landowners and […]

  • Why Cape Town is surfing the crest of a wave

    In 1990, while I was part of the V&A Waterfront team, I bought an international travel magazine. There was a story on Barcelona’s renaissance after the end of Spain’s dictatorship. With events then starting to unfold in South Africa, I wondered if the same could happen in Cape Town. Although there have been scores of…

  • Can New York City learn from Cape Town?

    It’s impossible to be unaware of the debate and tensions in New York City over a proposed mosque near the site of the 911 terror attacks. Maybe Americans are missing the point and could learn from Cape Town. The Ring of Islam or Circle of Saints For Muslim faithfuls, Cape Town is one of the…