Rupert Murdoch, the Pope and Sheryl Cwele

Rupert Murdoch

Most people have been horrified by the hacking scandal that hit Rupert Murdoch’s News International and the late News of the World.  But, to his credit after initially refusing, the 83-year old Murdoch appeared before the British Parliament saying, “This is the most humble day in my life.”

I can’t help wondering though if the sins of News International are any worse than those of the Roman Catholic Church, where sexual abuse of young boys at the hands of priests has continued for years.  Why isn’t the Pope called before the parliaments of the world to satisfy lawmakers that he has matters in hand?

Both are influential men with large audiences and significant responsibilities.  Both should be subject to the same laws.

Something in the hacking scandal that should be noted was the way that London’s top policemen, who evidently hadn’t been doing the job rigorously enough, resigned.

Back home we have yet another police commissioner in the worst kind of dog box, a minister of public works in contravention of the consitution, and a minister of local government on extended sick leave to foil the investigation into his wasteful personal expenditure.  Will they resign, be fired or re-deployed to do more damage elsewhere?  Will Zuma show that South Africa now is a banana republic?

Sheryl Cwele

And this of course brings us to Sheryl Cwele — convicted in a court of law as a drug trafficker.  After she was suspended without pay with effect from June 10, Cwele took the Hibiscus Coast council to the Labour Court to reverse a council resolution regarding her salary.

The council decided that the chances of successfully opposing Cwele were slim and the municipality acceded to Mrs Cwele’s submission.  So we have a convicted drug trafficker earning money for no work.

Drug and substance abuse are two of the biggest challenges facing South Africa.  It pains me to admit that CapeInfo’s pages ofering help for substance abuse (click here) remain amongst the most popular on the whole site.

If the Hibiscus Coast municipality is too scared to act boldly, then society needs to demonstrate its disgust.  Who are Cwele’s bankers?  Close all her accounts; bar her from ever opening another account of any kind at any bank.  Where does she do her shopping?  Right of admission is reserved by the shopkeeper and her rights should be refused.

Just think where tourism would be if we didn’t have the millstone of crime and the reputation as a banana republic. (“Over 70% of all crime and violence is drug- or alcohol-related, and the reason for 95% of all trauma patients in hospitals.”)

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