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The real driver of the campaign for useful tourism signage on the N2 is Gert Lubbe, who chairs the Route 62 committee and owns Montagu Country Hotel.

He’s passionate about the economic benefits it will bring to all the inhabitants of all the 14 towns along the route.

He received a reply from Robin Carlisle, Western Cape minister of transport on April 16, 2010:

“Road traffic signs and the display thereof are controlled in terms of the National Road Traffic Act and the SA Road Traffic Signs Manual, which states amongst others that guidance signs are provided to assist with navigation in accordance with a prescribed methodology. It is also an internationally accepted principle that tourists do pre-trip planning with the aid of maps etc. and then use route numbers and town names which appears on direction signs to navigate along their chosen route.

“This particular issue was requested by Western Cape Tourism and discussed at the Southern Cape Regional Tourism Liaison Committee. [Montagu is not part of the Southern Cape Regional Tourism Liaison Committee and you would most probably not be aware of the resolutions taken at those meetings.] SANRAL, who is the road authority for the N1 at the N12 intersection, where additional destinations on direction signs were requested, refused to consider such individual alternations.

“There is also a road safety risk in displaying more information on direction signs than that which can be read at speed and in most cases existing direction signs already display the maximum amount of information and therefore no opportunity exists for extra destinations.

“My recommendation to you would be to approach your local tourism bureau who would escalate your proposal to the Overberg/Cape Winelands Regional Tourism Bureau. My Department holds quarterly meetings with the respective Regional Toursim Liaison Committees where items of this nature are discussed.”

Surely Robin, economic growth and traveller safety should be the Province’s core concerns so promoting Route 62 as an alternative route must be self-evident.

So why isn’t the Province doing something about it?

And here’s a good example of signage that shows alternative routes:

Road signage on the outskirts of Oudtshoorn en route to Cape Town
Road signage on the outskirts of Oudtshoorn en route to Cape Town

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