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  • EV charging stations: Do you have a plan for the new tourism?

    Electric vehicles are coming!  Are you ready for them?

  • Saying Goodbye to Eskom is cheaper than you think

    CapeInfo’s Smarter Living Project started off to determine what one really needs to go off the electrical grid — is it  as expensive as  people say or, if one adapts one’s lifestyle, is it affordable or… even cheaper.  Off-the-grid in this case meant no external electric sources at all — no Eskom, no municipal connection.

  • The World IS changing!

    While household dependence on power utilities like Eskom is becoming a thing of the past as more and more households turn to solar energy, the end of oil companies as we know them is also on the cards. Nothing highlighted this more than one news service in the past week: Norway Electric Car Sales Grow…