A Refreshingly Successful Business

In 1888, Beaufort West, like so many other little Karoo towns, established its own mineral water company.  The aims were to refresh residents in hot summer months and to provide ideal mixers for the stronger stuff.  The company was a great success. No surprise as the Karoo is a dry place.  By August, 1902, the Beaufort West Mineral Water Company was an  “old established company in a stronger position than ever to defy the competition.”   A newspaper advertisement also proclaimed it to be “striding ahead” with  “recently bought and installed new and improved machinery.”  “ We use only the best chemicals and Barnard & Foster filters guarantee us pure  water,” said manager A van Zyl. “Our mineral waters, ginger, hop and other beers are all machine made and untouched by hand. Our customers are always satisfied.”

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