Incredible Find

Trooper Burton's grave restored

Trooper P Burton (No. 4249) died of wounds received during a skirmish at Grootfontein, near Laingsburg on October 11, 1901.   He was only 24 years old.    He was buried in the Laingsburg cemetery and his comrades collected sufficient funds to erect a marble memorial to mark his grave.    Then in at about 08h00 on Sunday, January, 25, 1981, a tremendous flood hit the town and washed away, people, houses and many of the gravestones in the cemetery.  Among the memorials that were washed away was the stone on Trooper Burton’s grave.

Then, in April, 1994, after more heavy rains, Laingsburgers made an incredible find.  Pieces of a badly broken grave stone washed up n the riverbank near the golf course.   This was the stone from Trooper Burton’s grave.  Miraculously almost all pieces were found.  It was pieced together and returned to his grave – this time it was laid down flat and embedded in concrete.

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