A New Life, A New Love

Who eloped with Dorothy?

After the birth of her child Dorothy Ethel went back to Aliwal North and married the man of her father had chosen. He was James Colman Glendinning, the manager of Lennon’s Pharmacy. In time couple, had two children, and moved to Ladysmith where their raised their family.

To her absolute delight, Bronwyn discovered after a bit of deeper digging revealed that Betty Glendinning was still alive.  She was 83 years old yet Bronwyn decided to contact her in the hopes that she might know something more of the family history.  Betty was “bright as a button” and quite amazed to learn she had an 85-year-old sister.  A telephone introduction was not enough. She wanted to meet Shelagh, who lives in Cape Town, but who was too frail to travel, so Betty, flew to Cape Town. There, in April 2010,  these women, who were born in the 1920’s saw each other for the first time. Both were overwhelmed with emotion. A month later, on May 28, Shelagh died.   “Their meeting was an unbelievably wonderful occasion. It meant so much to both of them and I am delighted that I was able to put mom in touch with her sister before her death.  She also met a delightful nephew and we are now part of a “new” warm and wonderful family,” said Bronwyn, but she would still like to learn more of her biological grandfather, and is hoping against hope that some one one day will remember a young Karoo lad who eloped with the girl of his dreams in 1924.

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