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  • Social Media and Freedom of Speech

    The debate over freedom of speech in social media and the fine line between constructive and destructive criticism is an interesting talking point. Social media is pushing the traditional boundaries of freedom of speech.

  • Cape Town: Africa’s Global City, a city of inspiration and innovation

    I ascribe to the vision that Cape Town Tourism wishes to achieve by 2020. I think that the organization is doing a good, professional job of representing the industry and marketing tourism in Cape Town and the surrounding region. I would like to see added to this good work a much greater recognition of tourism…

  • Who has Vision?

    Cape Town Tourism has announced the seven nominees for the three positions on their board of directors.  So CapeInfo has asked the nominees to contribute their tourism visions, to show their insight and ability to help drive Cape Town even higher.  We’re hoping for content that’s new and fresh, not the same-old, same-old.  And this…