The Portugal Story

The Portugal Story will follow in the esteemed footsteps of two previous books:

  • John Steinbeck‘s 1960 Nobel-prizewinning book about his road trip around America with his pet poodle — Travels with Charley – in search of America.
  • José Saramago‘s 1979 road trip around Portugal — Journey into Portugal: A pursuit of Portugal’s history and culture. Saramago was Portugal’s Nobel-prizewinning author.

Aiming high is a challenge I relish and few countries present such a broad canvass to fill.  It will be a 21st century book, filled with facts and spectacular photography; bridging the divide between the printed work and the digital space.

Research starts on this website and will be shared — to encourage contributions and comments.

Do you have any tips on where I should visit and explore, and who should I interview for insight and fascinating stories? What stories about Portugal do you want to read? The markers in the map below show some of the places I have already identified. (Click on the Google Map icon in the map below to see the legend.)

Topics will cover architecture & planning, history, economy, Portuguese arts & culture, tourism, entrepreneurship, food & drink, sustainability, politics & all levels of government.

As many people as possible need to be interviewed, covering great diversity – from traditional artisans to digital nomads, from mega-projects to off-the-grid homes, to anybody who wants to share their passion for Portugal.

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