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  • Goodbye Beezus… my happy little Wolf… (2011-2020)

    Goodbye Beezus… my happy little Wolf… (2011-2020)

    Beezus died in my arms early on May 7, 2020, his 9th birthday.  He had led the most extraordinary life and has been described as “legendary” and with every superlative one can think of, but Enid Vickers of Corporate Image coined it in her February 2020 email to me: “Beezus is officially the cutest little […]

  • A new, ‘must-stop’ on the R45 between the N1 & Franschhoek

    For many years, there’ve been two sad old buildings full of potential on the R45 between the N1 and Franschhoek.  One of them used to house the old Groot Drakenstein post office. Landscape architect Danie Steenkamp bought the property recently and has given it a new lease on life, selling the one building to Vicki…

  • Snoozy snake survives to slither in the mountain reserves

    I wasn’t too thrilled to find a snake in the outbuilding that houses my solar batteries and inverter yesterday afernoon.  And since I know nothing about snakes, I posted a photo of it to find out what it is.  Well… everybody on Facebook seems to know far more about snakes than I do and I…

  • The most exciting place & space ever to open in Cape Town

    Without any doubt, the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa will — in September 2017 — become the most exciting space and place to have ever opened in Cape Town. CNN reported that it will make Cape Town the contemporary art capital of the world. httpv://

  • What’s in a name? Everything!

    Only politicians, bureaucrats and the foolish think that when they choose a name to brand a destination, they have the makings of a successful brand. They usually choose what they regard as a “safe” name, catering for all interests, ignoring everything that is already well-established. And without the budgets of Unilever or SA Breweries, or …