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  • Living with a wolf

    So are wolves different to dogs? Certainly! A wolf is a never-ending challenge and keeps you on your toes. Not that they are vicious or aggressive, they are not. They are inquisitive, spiteful when they don’t get their own way, demanding, aloof like cats, and supremely intelligent. When Akela was six months old, she learnt […]

  • Wolves like apples too!

    Akela running through the orchard with Granny Smith between her teeth! She also likes Top Red and Pink Ladies, but doesn’t care that much for Golden Delicious.  Those are just a few of the apple varieties around here. She picks them up and carries them rather gingerly between her teeth, having discovered that they get…

  • Akela has a visitor

    Michael Tatalias, SATSA’s CEO, came especially to meet Akela last night.  He sent a few of the photos he took. One just has to imagine walking in a forest, hearing nothing but seeing glowing orbs of light shining from the undergrowth that follow your progress. Wolves are shy and will avoid people, unless they are…